How to Emulate Google Chromecast on Windows, Mac and Linux Desktop

Google’s latest hardware offering, Chromecast was an instant hit as it promised a better way of beaming/ controlling  multimedia content from your mobile phone on to a TV than the current choices we have right now. Now when a popular company like Google is trying to solve an age old problem that haunted Android, with a […]

Quickly Send Gmail Attachments to Google Drive Using Chrome Extension

  Google’s much awaited cloud storage service is here and discussions are on  how it scores over other big shots in store. While Google Drive is similar to Dropbox and SkyDrive when used primarily for syncing , the powerful web-based features proves Google Drive advantageous. The availability of browser-based web apps attached to Google Drive and […]

Aviary for Google Drive: Edit, Save & Share Photos Using Chrome Extension

Over the last few years we’ve had used Google cloud storage on various Google services like Gmail, Docs and Music. But recently Google announced a dedicated service called Google Drive that lets users easily upload, store and share files all from a single place. With native support for over 30 file types Google Drive is […]

Rightinbox- Schedule Emails in Gmail Using Chrome, Firefox Add-ons

If there is one feature that is missing in Gmail, the most popular email service out there it ought to be scheduling feature. Gmail by default doesn’t support email scheduling and to do that users had to rely on third-party apps that supported this feature. That being said here is an awesome new service that […]

Official Google Adsense Chrome Extension To Check Earnings From Browser Dashboard

Google’s Adsense ad network is the primary source of revenue for many publishers out there including Compixels. This CPC based ads are placed on publishers websites or blogs and for every click on it Google pays them. To help publishers Google maintains a detailed report page for Adsense stats and it can be accessed by […]

Google Sesame- Scan QR Code to Login to Gmail Without Password

Google’s commitment to keep their services free from hackers should be appreciated. Last year they introduced 2-step verification process and now they are testing a more secure way to access Google services from a public computer. Google Sesame (beta) as they call it lets you scan a QR code using mobile phones that will securely […]

Google Translate Android App Now Supports Handwriting Recognition Feature

Google’s Translate team has been busy with their apps for mobile platforms. Recently they updated Translate UI for iPad and now they are introducing handwriting recognition in Translate for Android app. Starting with Google Translate 2.3.1 for Android, Google is taking the whole language translation concept to the next level with an option to write […]

G-Pad For Google+- iPad App With Google+, Gmail & Twitter Integration

While Google+ official apps for iPhone and Android phones are already available iPad users were left alone with no choice. Though iPhone app can be loaded on iPad it doesn’t take advantage of the available real estate and a universal app is due. The popular third-party iPad developers Loytr Inc, team behind MyPad Facebook app has released something […]

How To Get Google Currents iOS & Android Apps Outside US [Tip]

Google’s thirst to take on popular apps and services out there in market is ever lasting. The latest being a Flipboard rival news reader app called Google Currents. Though not the same considering the social aspect of Flipboard, Google Currents mimics the formers clean UI and in app animations to a certain extend. But Currents […]

How-to Create, Access Google Music Account Outside US [Tip]

Google Music is now available to all residents of the US as Google recently dropped the beta tag. With Google Music you can store up to 20,000 songs on the cloud and stream them to your devices be it a desktop, mobile phone or a tablet device. Now Google even allows music purchase from Android […]