Download Google Maps Data to Mobile Phones for Offline Access

Google recently updated their Google Maps Android app to introduce a cool new feature that allows offline map data access. This Google labs feature lets you access Maps data without internet connection on the go. But for that you will have to download maps data before leaving workplace or home where internet connection is required […]

Ultimate Collection of Free Google Plus Icon Packs

Google Plus has been launched for field testing and the initial response has been overwhelming. In fact Google had to limit the flow of people signing up for this all new Google social networking venture. But that doesn’t stop the show as Google Plus is in full throttle and within days have managed to win […]

Automatically Cross Post Google Plus Posts to Facebook & Twitter [Chrome Extension]

We already shared a Chrome extension that lets you share Google Plus messages or posts to Facebook and Twitter. But that was limited to already existing posts on your timeline and not to the new posts you send. So you had to share a post to circles and then send it to Facebook or Twitter. […]

Access Twitter & Facebook From Google Plus Page

We have already covered many cool browser extensions for enhancing Google Plus experience. But it was just Chrome centric and all other browser users were left alone. That being said if you want to access Twitter and Facebook right inside Google Plus here is a cross-platform browser add-on. Related Posts: Google Plus Theme for Chrome […]

Google Plus Theme for Chrome Browser

Google Plus the latest entrant to social networking space is already making noise and mixed reactions are pouring in. In fact geeks and early adopters are the ones using Google Plus now. But that doesn’t stop Google fanatics from predicting Google Plus as a major threat to Facebook which to an extent is acceptable with […]

Create Vanity URL for Your Google Plus Profile

While we wait for team Google to push updates for Google Plus (including iOS app launch) which they are doing from time to time here is something you can do remove that ugly profile URL. Now to share Google Plus profile page with friends you can shorten that long public URL to create a custom […]

Change Google Plus Bar Color Using Chrome Extensions

Not many of us are happy with Google tweaking color of their toolbar that runs above all major offerings with links to recently launched Google Plus network. While this Google Plus bar itself is useful especially with notifications from Google+ that always stays on top the black color plays the spoil sport. But don’t worry […]

Chrome Extension to Add Google Plus One Button to Timeline

Google is field testing their latest social offering Google Plus extensively and many of us are already in friends ‘Circles’. But the public API access is not yet available to developers. But that didn’t let down enthusiasts as they are busy developing extensions and add-ons to enhance features that is browser specific. We already saw […]

Google Plus One Any Blog Posts or Websites With Chrome Extension

We recently shared few posts on Google Plus extensions for Chrome browser that can enhance the overall experience while using Google+. Read the posts here. While those were Chrome extensions that lets you share Google+ posts on Twitter, Facebook and a notification add-on here is another Chrome extension for Google Plus. With Plus One (+1) […]

Chrome Extension to Display Google Plus Unread Notification Count on Browser

  Google Plus is here and geeks are already out there field testing. The initial response has been very good and Google is tweaking features based on the feedbacks. While that happens enthusiasts are developing browser add-ons that can enhance Google Plus experience without having to waiting for official updates. In fact we published Twitter […]