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USB 3.0 technology 0

Best USB 3.0 Devices Available Now

With speeds boasting upto 4.8 Gb/s USB 3.0 is almost 10 times faster than its predecessor USB 2.0 devices. Based on Superspeed technology that allows multiple streams of data transfer USB 3.0 is now available for you to experience the next generation of connected peripheral devices. Being backward compatible with USB 2.0 this cool technology is sure to rock the...

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Boost Huawei 3G USB/ PCMCIA/ Express Card Signal Strength

In our previous post we covered how to unlock Huawei 3G USB data modems. We have  been using Huawei E122 which includes an option for connecting external antenna to increase signal strength. Many of the Huawei 3G USB/ Express data card do have the antenna slot. It will be hidden under a small cap on the side of your Huawei...


How to Check if a Computer SMPS/PSU is Working or Not

The personal computers at your office or  home  are  powered by electronic power supply units called Switched Mode Power supply (SMPS). Commonly known as Power Supply Units (PSU) this hardware converts  the input AC power to output DC  varying  with respect to voltage. Though there are PSUs available in different form factors, ATX is the most commonly available and used...