How to Recover Router Username/ Password From Backup File

It’s a known fact that majority of the network routers/ modem be it wired or wireless comes pre-loaded with a default admin username and password that prevents unauthorized access to your network right from the word go. And the most common factory set username and password being ‘admin’, ‘1234’ etc. can be changed via router […]

Auto Download Favorite SoundCloud Tracks to Desktop As MP3 via Dropbox

SoundCloud, the most popular audio distribution platform never ceases to surprise people in search of quality music. It provides musicians and enthusiasts a platform to share music tracks and unique recordings with thousands of SoundCloud users worldwide. Having a SoundCloud account lets users follow renowned artists to stay updated to their music. That being said […]

How to Design Axis Bank Debit Cards With Custom Background Image [India]

Here is something interesting for Axis Bank Savings account holders that owns a debit card. For the first time in India Axis bank is allowing its customers to design and customize debit cards with a background image of their choice. They want you to have a debit card that reflects your identity. Axis bank calls […]

How to Send Unlimited Free International SMS from iPad to Mobile Phones

If you have used the JaxtrSMS app available for all major mobile platforms including iOS you probably would have saved on monthly bills. Probably not that much as we now have apps like Whatsapp and iMessage but JaxtrSMS lets you send unlimited free SMS worldwide from smart phones not only to other JaxtrSMS users but […]

How to Quickly Kill iOS Processes Running in Backgroud [No Jailbreak]

If you are an iPhone or iPad user you probably know the concept of multitasking apps and how to close those apps running in background. But iOS 5 by default only lets you close apps running in background individually (double-tap home button) and no way you can close all apps (or processes) at once. According […]

How to Quickly Restore Closed Tabs on Safari Browser for iPad [Tip]

The tablets being mid-sized devices can result in accidental clicks that might lead to loss of valuable time while on the move. Imagine you opening many tabs on Safari browser for iPad and later on accidentally closing some of the tabs. Safari browser for iPad automatically restores all open tabs if you close the app […]

How to Create Apps Folder In Android Ice Cream Sandwich [Video]

Android apps ecosystem is getting better day by day and is now comparable to iOS not because of the number of available apps but because of the quality of apps it is offering lately. And when there are hundreds of free quality apps available its management on your Android phone requires attention. That is what […]

How to Filter, Schedule Tweets Using New Tweedeck Twitter Desktop App

There have been a major UI overhaul to everything Twitter recently. From mobile apps to their web apps everything including iOS, Android and TweetDeck (Twitter desktop client) app was revamped to introduce the new interface. Talking about new TweetDeck, Twitter Inc.’s official desktop app is merely a less cluttered version with many cool new UI […]

How to Run Android Ice Cream Sandwich on Windows PC Using Virtual Box

As reported here Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is now available for x86 platform. The very same mobile version has been ported to x86 machines powered by Intel and AMD processors. With .iso available for download you can either clean install Android 4.0 on your netbooks (prefered) or install it on Windows or Mac PC […]

How to Turn Android Phones Into Live GPS Device to Track on Google Earth/ Maps

Global Positioning System commonly known as GPS is now an integral part of very single smart phone, be it iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 or Android OS. In fact there are numerous GPS based apps out there that can automatically locate you to provide Location Based Services (LBS). The front-runners include check-in apps like Foursquare […]