Registry Hack Enables Windows 8 M1 Webcam, Modern Reader, Ribbon & Task UI

Windows 8 Ribbon UI

If you thought that the very first leak of Windows 8 Build 7850 Milestone 1 was just a pre mature version with nothing much to offer then its time to rethink. Now Neowin is reporting that many of the rumoured features are already present in  this early build. This leaked version sports a Modern Reader, […]

How to Upgrade Facebook Comments Box to New Version 2

Facebook Logo

Facebook rolled out many new features to their Facebook Comments Box social plugin today. Aiming at increasing the traffic to the blog that houses it, Facebook is introducing improved news feed story, comments permalink, Graph API, new dark colors scheme option etc. With better API control you can export, search and re-order comments. The new Facebook Comments […]

How to Enable Channel Switching Option in Firefox Builds

Minefield Firefox Switcher

Things are moving so fast at Mozilla labs and they are about to introduce Chrome like build schedule and channels for Firefox. With the first Firefox 6 nightly build expected soon and aurora (Firefox 5 Alpha 2) channel introduced we now have a clearer picture about the future releases of Firefox including the upcoming Firefox […]

How to Create & Remove Hotmail Email Aliases

New Hotmail Logo

Microsoft has introduced an interesting and pretty new concept to their Hotmail email service. They are now allowing users to set up alias email from primary account to send and receive. Hotmail also allows disposable email IDs like what Gmail offers. With Hotmail Alias email IDs you can send and reply messages from multiple IDs […]

Guide to Untether Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Using GreenPois0n RC5

Greenpois0n Mac

The Chronic Dev team released the GreenPois0n RC5 tool for untethered jailbreak on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G, iPod touch 3G, Apple TV, Apple TV 2G  and iPad running on iOS 4.2.1. This tool is as of now available for Mac only. Though jailbreaking iDevices using GreenPois0n RC5 is pretty simple here is a […]

Step by Step Guide on How to Jailbreak Sony Playstation 3

Sony PS3 Pwned

The iPhone hacker George “Geohot” Hotz recently uploaded a video of Sony Playstation 3 jailbreak to run custom homebrew apps. Geohot’s went a step forward and has provided the files required to achieve this jailbreak on his website. It includes METLDR root key that enables the homebrew. Geohot’s successful release of this homebrew was made […]

How to Block Ads in iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad iOS Safari Browser & Apps

Adblocker iOS

Are the Ads that pop up while you browse through the web via Safari browser on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad annoying you. If yes, there is a good news for owners of Jailbroken iDevices. AdBlocker tweak available on Cydia can remove Ads in Safari browser and some Apps which are using browser-like views (UIWebView). […]

How to enable real UI on IE9 Platform Preview 6

The latest IE9 platform preview  was showcased by Microsoft during PDC 2010. Though much  faster in rendering pages the browser has a simple and dull looking interface. So if you want to have and run IE9 Beta with the much improved features of IE9 Platform Preview 6 retaining the same old user interface the following […]

How to Add Facebook Account to Skype 5 Beta [WINDOWS]

Skype Beta 5 with Facebook integration

Skype today integrated Facebook to their Skype Beta 5 edition for Windows. But the funny thing is you will  have a hard time finding where or how to integrate Facebook to Skype Beta 5. Maybe they can get away saying it’s still a beta version. That said here is a step by step guide to […]

How to Crack Wi-Fi WPA and WPA2 PSK Passwords

Wireless Security Auditor

The wireless networks are being deployed extensively these days. Both home and office wired networks are now being upgraded to Wi-Fi zones so that many users can connect simultaneously in a wire free environment. With comfort your security is being compromised. The WiFi networks makes use of wireless encryption like WEP, WPA, WPA 2 PSK […]