How to Watch Flash Videos on iPhone

flash on iPhone

Image credit : It’s almost certain that Adobe flash on iPhone OS will remain an everlasting dream. At least that’s what the  latest Apple Vs Adobe feud suggests. That said for users to taste flash videos embedded on webpages no other option is available. You will see the blue cube suggesting no flash juice when […]

How to Quickly Enable DreamScene in Windows 7

windows 7 dreamscene activator

The windows version prior to windows 7 had the DreamScene feature inbuilt to it. Yes, we are talking about the notorious ( ? ) windows vista. For readers wondering what DreamScene is DreamScene is a feature that allows users to set any video in WMV/MPG format as the desktop wallpaper. For unknown reasons Microsoft removed this […]

How to Schedule Tweets in TweetDeck for Desktops

TweetDeck for Desktop scheduled tweets

Update: Twitter acquired TweetDeck. Now that the new version of TweetDeck is available you can follow the updated post here. TweetDeck is the most famous and commonly used twitter client for desktops. The reason being it’s  rich features and user friendliness. This app running on Adobe air gets updated often to blend with the latest […]

How to Check if a Computer SMPS/PSU is Working or Not


The personal computers at your office or  home  are  powered by electronic power supply units called Switched Mode Power supply (SMPS). Commonly known as Power Supply Units (PSU) this hardware converts  the input AC power to output DC  varying  with respect to voltage. Though there are PSUs available in different form factors, ATX is the […]