Dead Simple Way to Access Netflix, Hulu, Pandora & Rdio From Outside the US

Media Hint Chrome

Update: Media Hint no longer unblocks Rdio. If you are someone living outside the US who enjoy watching TV series and music or wish to stream them via popular sites like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora etc. you will be disappointed by the fact that it’s not available elsewhere. But you can always rely on VPN services or […]

Desktoppr- Automatically Sync, Set High Quality Wallpapers As Desktop Background Using Dropbox

Desktoppr Wallpaper

There are many websites out there that offer quality wallpapers and art for free, decent enough to set them as your desktop background. But none of them provide the kind of interactivity or simplicity Desktoppr as a wallpaper megamart promises. The beauty of Desktoppr lies in its ability to push impressive images to your desktop […]

Simple Web App to Call US Landline, Mobile Phone Numbers [Free]

US Free Call Web App

Blessed are those who live in the United States of America. There exists iOS and Android apps like NetTalk, MagicJack, Bobsled and Google Voice that allows free calls to the US landlines and mobile phone numbers. Bobsled even lets you call from desktop using their web app. But all these apps requires you to create […]

T-Mobile Testing VoIP Calls to Landlines & Mobile Phones in 40+ Countries; Free Calls Using iOS, Android, Web Apps

Bobsled Android iPhone

Summary: T-Mobile is expanding their VoIP service outside the US and is now testing calls to 40+ countries. Using the free T-Mobile Bobsled app for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac you can call your friends in these countries for free. The free mobile VoIP apps like Nettalk, Bobsled, Google Voice, Magic Jack etc available for […]

Auto Download Favorite SoundCloud Tracks to Desktop As MP3 via Dropbox

SoundCloud to Dropbox

SoundCloud, the most popular audio distribution platform never ceases to surprise people in search of quality music. It provides musicians and enthusiasts a platform to share music tracks and unique recordings with thousands of SoundCloud users worldwide. Having a SoundCloud account lets users follow renowned artists to stay updated to their music. That being said […]

How to Auto Backup Facebook Photos to Dropbox Folder

Facebook to Dropbox

We already saw how to auto save Instagram photos to Dropbox using IFTTT. But quite often we use Facebook for sharing photos and our most precious ones are likely on it. Another fact is with smarter mobile cameras available most of us click photos using phones to quickly upload to Facebook. This calls for an […]

How to Automatically Backup All New Instagram Photos to Dropbox

Instagram to Dropbox

Anything that helps me automate things I do daily is appreciated, be it in real physical world or online virtual world. When talking about virtual world there is this popular service out there called IFTTT that is god sent. For the uninitiated If This Then That (IFTTT) is a free service that allow its users […]

Tap Keyboard With iPhone/ Android Phone to Quickly Transfer Photos to Computer [Web]

Bump Keyboard Spacebar Hit

There are many ways by which you can share photos from your Android or iPhone to desktop. I personally use Dropbox to quickly sync photos on my Android and iOS devices to a folder on desktop. Using an online service is much easier than hooking multiple USB cables when you a have limited number of […]

Gramgrab- Quickly Download & Publicly Share Instagram Photos As Grids [Web]

Gramgrab Instagram Photo Grid

The news that Instagram has been acquired by Facebook shook the internet world and people are still on it (see the Instagram and Facebook mashup logo above). It’s for the first time Facebook is spending a billion dollar to acquire an app solely native and lacks a web interface till date. Though Instagram for Android […] Website Alternatives to Stream Bollywood Songs Legally in India

Saavn Web UI

Indian Music Industry (IMI) is cracking down on websites hosting and promoting pirated music files. The latest being a nationwide ban on a list of 104 websites including, infamous website that hosts regional language songs including Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam. To be frank hosting and spreading copyrighted material be it music, video […]