Archives for August 2011

WakeTube- App to Set YouTube Videos as Alarm on Android Phones

Unlike olden days we rarely use table clocks to set alarm now. The geeks best friend smartphones have totally replaced these piece of hardware for all good reasons. And talking about smartphones you have iOS, Android and Symbian OS that powers majority of the smartphones with many alarm apps available that lets you wake up […]

LinkPush- Quickly Send Links From Firefox & Chrome to Android Phones

When it comes to sending links from a desktop PC to Android phones there are many ways to do so. And the simplest of them was the popular Chrome to Phone Chrome extension and Android app combination. Not only that it was limited to Chrome browsers that Android app is now missing on apps store […]

AVG Mobilation- Virus Scan Third-Party Android Apps on Chrome Browser

The biggest threat to Android ecosystem I would say is not Apple apps store but the sudden increase in malware on Android marketplace. With spyware and malware taking rounds across the store your very important personal information is at stake. But who really cares, not the users who download bogus apps or Google who runs […]

Pulse Reader Chrome Extension to Bookmark Pages for Later Read

Pulse, the popular news reader app for mobile devices including iOS and Android was recently updated to include the bookmarking or read it later feature. The saved links were then available on page from desktop or mobile devices. Until today Pulse didn’t allow users to bookmark pages from browsers but now a Chrome […]

Kicksend- Tool to Quickly Send Large Email Attachments to Multiple IDs

We deal with multimedia files almost daily. Be it video, audio, image or any software file we usually attach them to our email messages and send them to multiple IDs in a single shot. But the problem we have faced from day one onwards still persists. Email service providers set a size limit for attachments […]

Download Norton Mobile Security App by Symantec for Android Phones

Malware has been and is a major concern when we discuss about Android as a mobile OS that is growing in a fast pace. The open nature and Google’s way of handling apps has resulted in the increasing number of spyware and malicious apps that can steal important data from your Android phone. Based on […]

Touchanote- NFC Technology Meets Evernote On Android

  Back in May 2011 during Google I/O 2011 the California based search engine giant announced the availability of Near Field Communication aka NFC technology in Android Gingerbread OS and explained how they intend to take this useful technology to the center stage. Their commitment towards NFC, a technology still in its infancy was remarkable […]

Popular NFC Enabled Android Apps Available in Marketplace Now

    Near Field Communication aka NFC is a low power, short-range peer-to-peer wireless technology that allows NFC enabled mobile phones to communicate each other. Though many legacy NFC standards exists, NFC as a mobile technology took the center stage only with Google’s vision to popularize it by launching their flagship Nexus S phone running […]

Download Firefox 6, 7 Beta, 8 Aurora, 9 Nightly Builds for Windows, Mac, Linux & Android

It is Firefox time folks. Mozilla recently released their latest stable browser version Firefox 6 with faster loading time, better security and many other feature addition for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android mobile devices. That means you also get to try Firefox 7 that enters beta channel with Firefox 8 and Firefox 9 getting promoted […]

How to Install Firefox 6 on Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)

Mozilla recently released the final public version of Firefox 6, the latest to come out of beta stage. That means Firefox 7 enters the beta stage (consumable) with Firefox 8 getting promoted to Aurora channel. Mozilla boasts about a major speed improvement in Firefox 6 which becomes significant when you want to use¬†Firefox’s Panorama feature […]