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How to Quickly Create Bootable Windows 8 USB Drive

Update: Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been released and is now available for download. So download Consumer preview and use this tool. Windows 8 Developer Preview is available for download. If you are a Windows enthusiast, developer or a geek who wish to test this early Milestone build go ahead and install it now. To […]

Pulse Reader App is Now Available for Windows Phone Mango

Pulse Reader, a popular news reader app that is available on iOS and Android has been ported to Windows Phone devices as well. For the uninitiated Pulse is an award-winning app that lets you stay updated to the latest news from your favorite news source. A beautiful app that makes news reading fun and engaging. With […]

Amazon Silk- Powerful Cloud-Accelerated Web Browser For Fire Android Tablet

Amazon just unveiled a brand new Android based 7 inch tablet device called Fire (pre-order now) with an interesting price tag of $199 along with other two very low priced tablets. Details here. But what excites us as a software blog is the news that they have packed an all new cloud based browser christened […]

Unlocked AT&T Samsung Focus v1.3 Gets Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Update

  Good news folks, as promised by AT&T Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update is here. At least for me on my unlocked AT&T Samsung Focus v1.3. That being said Samsung Focus v1.4 users will have to wait till mid October for an official update. All others can wait as the global roll out has begun […]

List of NCPR SMS Codes to Fully or Partially Block Spam SMS, Calls on Mobile Phones [India]

  According to the new regulations issued by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) starting today (27 September) mobile users in India won’t receive any marketing calls or SMS if you have registered on National Customer Preference Registry (NCPR), earlier known as the ‘Do Not Call Registry’. Though late a fully operational DND service has been introduced […]

Ninesky vs Boat- New Chrome Like Feature Rich Browsers for Android Phones

The stock browser on Android OS does a pretty good job in rendering web pages. Then there are other popular browsers like Opera, Dolphin, Skyfire and Firefox Fennec from some of the big players in web browser space. While all these apps are unique in its look and the features they provide, there is a […]

Rocket Launcher- Unique, Stylish Alternative to Stock Android Launcher App

There are many Android Launcher apps available including the popular ones like Launcher Pro, ADW Launcher and Go Launcher. But all these launcher apps are similar in one way or the other. Launcher apps usually features a home screen layout with icons arranged below the screen when clicked opens respective apps or gallery. Then there is […]

WhatsApp Messenger for Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) Available for Download

The popular messenger app that is already available on Symbian, iOS and Android OS has been released to Windows Phone marketplace now. This free cross-platform IM app lets you send text messages, pics, location etc. to your friends using Whatsapp Messenger on their phones. Whatsapp for Windows Phone with push notifications works only if you […]

VLC Media Player App for Android Phones Available for Testing [Pre-Alpha]

  The VLC Media player Android app is already under beta testing and can be expected on Marketplace soon. VLC is considered to be the big daddy of media players out there simply because it can play any video or audio format fed to it. With VLC media players available for Windows, Linux and Mac […]

Tool to Easily Change Windows 8 Start Screen Color & Background Image

The most hyped Metro start screen interface on Windows 8, borrowed from their own mobile OS will be the feature Redmond based software giant will be looking forward as a selling point when it hits RTM. Though not that user-friendly on a desktop, Metro UI looks cool on a touch based device, tablets to be […]