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Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Build 8250 32/ 64-Bit Now

Update: Official Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO download links are live now. See below. Windows 8 Consumer Preview Build 8250 (8250.0.WINMAIN_WIN8BETA.120217-15) is available for download now. The Windows 8 CP 32-bit and 64-bit Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) versions has been leaked much before the official .ISO release. Though genuine if you are not a developer or […]

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Wallpaper Pack [Leaked]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Build 8250 (6.2.8250.0.winmain_win8beta.120217-15) is expected to hit public domains later today but much before that the official wallpaper pack has been leaked on to the internet. The default Windows 8 wallpaper along with few other high-resolution lock screen background images are available for download now. As usual the Lockscreen images are all […]

File Drop- App to Quickly Drag-and-Drop Android Files to Dropbox

There are many Android apps available out there that lets users upload and sync files to Dropbox including the official app. But most of them basically offers the same features one way or the other. And the ones that differ or offers something unique deserves mention. Here is one such Dropbox app for Android with […]

Charge Bar- Display Battery Status Bar on Top/ Bottom of Android Screen

The battery status bar on top of Android screen doesn’t throw much information to users. In fact the battery status icon is too small and judging remaining battery backup from it would be a tedious task. Also apps that utilize the entire screen for its functioning hides the battery icon or the top indicator bar […]

APK Downloader- Download Android Apps to Desktop Using Chrome Extension

The web interface of Android Marketplace lets you remotely install apps to your phones running Android OS. The Android apps in .apk format are then pushed to Android phone Over The Air (OTA) and gets installed in the background automatically. While this happens without you having to play manually with .apk apps, there might be […]

Ubuntu for Android Features Demoed [Video]

The Ubuntu for Android has been unveiled with video demo and screenshots available now. Canonical Inc. has finally tipped their secret mobile project that was in papers for a long time. Though in alpha phase Ubuntu for Android promises to bring the Ubuntu desktop features right into Android phones. Any Android hardware with dual-core processor […]

Rightinbox- Schedule Emails in Gmail Using Chrome, Firefox Add-ons

If there is one feature that is missing in Gmail, the most popular email service out there it ought to be scheduling feature. Gmail by default doesn’t support email scheduling and to do that users had to rely on third-party apps that supported this feature. That being said here is an awesome new service that […]

Install VLC Player 2.0 Twoflower in Ubuntu 10.10, 11.10, 12.04 Distros

VLC, the most popular media player available for all major platforms including Mac, Windows and Linux has been updated. The VLC v2.0 player code-named twoflower is a major update that brings many bug fixes along with new features including the experimental BluRay support, more file format support, faster decoding on multi-core GPU, new video filters […]

Automatically Skip, Block In-Stream Video Ads on Using Add-ons

YouTube is now the second largest internet search engine after with more than 4 billion videos served daily. This popularity of YouTube is being used by many video publishers to monetize their channels. And to help publishers monetize video channels and generate revenue Google allows channel partners to display ads available in various formats. The […]

Phone to Chrome App to Quickly Send URLs from Android to Desktop

In this era of connected devices no one wants their devices to be alienated instead wants a close interaction. Talking about smart phones, on the ones powered by Android there are many apps and services that facilitates such a connected experience. There are Android phones and tablets in various form factors and some of these […]