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Mirage- Android ICS App to Stream Web, Local Videos to AirPlay/ DLNA Devices

  Summary: Using this free Android ICS app called Mirage you can stream videos on your phone or a DLNA server to AirPlay supported receivers including Apple TV. Apple iOS device users are lucky enough to enjoy AirPlay technology on their iPhone and iPad. One native iOS feature that allows seamless wireless streaming of music, […]

Create Windows 8 Custom Recovery Image to Reinstall Desktop Apps Using Refresh Settings [Tip]

Along with many other cool new features, Windows 8 provides useful tools to get a PC back to factory condition. Windows 8 users who wish to roll back to an earlier state can make use of Reset and Refresh, two new tools that lets you get a PC back on track when something goes out […]

How to Enable AirPlay on Android To Wireless Stream Audio, Video to Apple TV, Windows PC, Mac & Linux

  Apple’s AirPlay wireless streaming technology is something I like the most about iOS devices. But like any other Apple service even AirPlay is exclusive to iOS devices that includes iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. For the uninitiated, AirPlay lets iOS users wirelessly stream photo, video and audio from iDevices (server) to Apple TV (receiver) […]

How to Recover Router Username/ Password From Backup File

It’s a known fact that majority of the network routers/ modem be it wired or wireless comes pre-loaded with a default admin username and password that prevents unauthorized access to your network right from the word go. And the most common factory set username and password being ‘admin’, ‘1234’ etc. can be changed via router […]

SmartSync- Sync To Add Facebook Status, Photos, Birthdays to iPhone Contacts

  Facebook for me is the secondary source for personal info after the native iPhone contacts book in iOS. The fact that my friends update their profiles quite often makes it a reliable source and time saver. In fact there exists iOS apps that can automatically pull mobile numbers and save it your address book […]

Simple Web App to Call US Landline, Mobile Phone Numbers [Free]

Blessed are those who live in the United States of America. There exists iOS and Android apps like NetTalk, MagicJack, Bobsled and Google Voice that allows free calls to the US landlines and mobile phone numbers. Bobsled even lets you call from desktop using their web app. But all these apps requires you to create […]

Pocket: Bookmark to Take Websites Offline To Read it Later on Mobile Phones/ Tablets

Majority owns either a smart phone or a tablet device these days. And the large screen real estate of these latest phones and tablets makes it a perfect companion for reading web articles while on the go. But the non-availability of a stable data connection can bug you while traveling in bus, train or flight. […]

TunnelBear VPN for iOS: Access US, UK Restricted Websites On iPhone & iPad

Summary: Tunnel Bear is the best VPN service available for iOS devices that offers a secure US and UK VPN connection. With Tunnel Bear you can access geo-restricted websites from anywhere in the world. TunnelBear, the latest entrant to Virtual Private Network (VPN) scene that promises a clutter free experience on Windows and Mac just […]

Quickly Send Gmail Attachments to Google Drive Using Chrome Extension

  Google’s much awaited cloud storage service is here and discussions are on ¬†how it scores¬†over other big shots in store. While Google Drive is similar to Dropbox and SkyDrive when used primarily for syncing , the powerful web-based features proves Google Drive advantageous. The availability of browser-based web apps attached to Google Drive and […]

Display Windows 8 Metro Lock Screen Clock/ Date Widget on Windows 7 Desktop

Windows 8 features the new Metro interface all along the OS with traces visible right from the boot screen animation. Then comes the lock screen with a background image and Metro style widget that displays date/ time in large fonts. This gorgeous looking Metro clock/ date widget is unique to Windows 8 lock screen and […]