Top 5 Free Alternatives to Safari Browser for iPhone

Opera mini for iPhone

The Safari browser for iPhone OS is the default native browser. It was with the advent of Opera mini for iPhone the browser war began and debates are still on to decide which one is the best. Indeed Safari for iPhone do have its own merits and no other browser can fully supplement it. Here we […]

How to Schedule Tweets in TweetDeck for Desktops

TweetDeck for Desktop scheduled tweets

Update: Twitter acquired TweetDeck. Now that the new version of TweetDeck is available you can follow the updated post here. TweetDeck is the most famous and commonly used twitter client for desktops. The reason being it’s  rich features and user friendliness. This app running on Adobe air gets updated often to blend with the latest […]

Measure Objects in Photo Using PhotoRuler For iPhone

Photo Ruler logo

PhotoRuler for iPhone is a free app that can measure the length of  objects in a photo. You can measure objects of length up to 1.5 m and beyond which you will have to buy their premium service. It is helpful when you are on move and would like to know the size of an […]

Browse Faster in Google Chrome with FastestChrome Extension

FastestChrome endless next page

Google Chrome browser is now having a good market share and posing a stiff competition to the powerful browser Firefox. The extensions and add ons support in these browsers are the major selling point. While there are many useful add ons for Firefox, Chrome is fast catching up with developers rolling out new extensions daily. […]

Control iTunes From Windows System Tray Easily

iTuner interface

If you are an iDevice owner you will have definitely  used Apple’s own media playing software the iTunes. The iTunes being so popular is the default media player for many even on windows PCs. With the shining white default Apple UI and neat display of media details it often consume our screen space. What if one doesn’t […]

Participate in Polls by Voting Through Missed Calls

Zipdial vote interface

Image credit : Flickr We are now in an era were we witness reality shows in almost all TV channels. There is a huge money market involved around these shows and our media partners are minting money wisely. Not only do they help waste our valuable time but lately we started witnessing their new tactic, […]

How to Check if 301 Redirect of Website URL is Working Properly

URL 301 redirect

The first thing a webmaster or blog owner do after registering  domain name successfully is URL redirect. The two versions  of  URL structure that is the one prefixed with www and the non www versions are treated as two different pages by search engines. These if not redirected properly can result in  link popularity split […]

Know Which Apps Are Running During PC Boot and Control Them

Solute install interface

Are you one among  those who shout ‘Windows sucks‘ and are always frustrated by the way  PC performs? Or is your PC taking more time to boot up? Well, the answer would be yes from most of you. Hold on and think this. The PC which you use  have windows OS on it which once […]

Top 10 Google Android Desktop Wallpapers

Android bot

Google Android is the buzz word right now in the mobile world and fans are going gaga over the latest version, Froyo. Indeed there are lot of new features and improvements over the previous version to boast about. We are presenting our first set of google android wallpapers which we collected from across the net. […]

Top 3 Scroll to Top jQuery WordPress Plugins

Scroll to top jQuery compixels

Maintaining  a simple and user-friendly interface for a blog is considered holy. One can not only make visitors happy, he/she can decrease the blogs bounce rate and increase visibility. There are various ways in which you can impress your daily blog visitors and so-called plugins play the  major role in achieving that on a WordPress […]