10 Best Android Apps for Traveling

This Guest Post is written by Srivathsan G.K, who blogs about interesting web apps, freeware tools at Madras Geek and reviews iPhone, Android apps at MobiGizmos. You can find him on twitter @dangerdiabolick Are you a frequent traveler who has an android device ? then, here is something for you. As you can see, android is rapidly […]

Best Free AirPlay iPad Apps for Streaming Audio and Video to Apple TV

  With the advent of Apple iOS 4.3 we saw a cool new feature called AirPlay hitting Apple iDevices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Airplay is the technology that allows you to stream audio and video from your iPad to Apple TV or other AirPlay enabled devices to watch the content on a big screen. […]

Top 10 Android Honeycomb Desktop Wallpapers

  Google’s specially baked Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS flavor for large screen Tablet device is available now. With popular Android Tablet like Motorola Xoom already running Honeycomb and the news that Google’s next flagship Tablet device to hit stores soon will soon boost the market share of Honeycomb in coming months. When compared to Google’s […]

4G Smackdown- Top LTE and HSPA Android Phones

  Update: For gadgets news and reviews visit our blog at Gadpixels.com   With the advancements in technology we are now living in 4G wireless technology era. The 4G (fourth-generation) smartphones capable of handling high bandwidth with cool features are available now. To be frank 4G is more a marketing gimmick and carriers feel justified in […]

Top 10 Most Watched YouTube Videos of Year 2010

The year 2010 is about to end. It was a year that gave us many surprise trends be it on social networks like Twitter and Facebook or video sharing hub, YouTube. It’s that time of the year when Google announces what trended and was the most popular among netizens. The most watched YouTube videos of […]

Top Free LimeWire Alternatives

The  Gnutella  network based peer-to-peer (P2P)  service LimeWire has been taken down by court. LimeWire was ordered to disable the searching, downloading, uploading, file trading and file distribution functionality of their P2P file-sharing software. It was one software around which the P2P community revolved and became famous. For many of us P2P means LimeWire. Now that […]

List of Top Free Cloud Based Services

Cloud based services are not new to us. In fact any service that is  on a remote server and the end-user access over a high-speed internet can be called a cloud service. The advantage of these cloud based services are we get to access them anytime and anywhere. Service providers are more into such applications […]

Ultimate List of Online Instant Search Services

Over the past few weeks we have been hearing news about Instantization of almost all famous web services out there. It started with official launch of Google Instant. It caught attention of many enthusiatic developers and to our surprise it was kids who came up with the rest of Instant version of other search based […]

Ultimate List of Dropbox Add-ons for Windows, Mac and Linux

If you have been living under rocks and don’t know what Dropbox is then you better give it a shot now. Gone are they days when you transfer a file over to your PDA from computer via a memory card. Things are getting net centric and cloud storage services gripping claws. Dropbox is a free […]

Top 10 Windows 7/ Vista Dreamscene Video Wallpapers

If you are using Windows Vista or  Windows 7 OS you would have used the Dreamscene video wallpaper feature. By default Dreamscene in Windows 7 is disabled. You can enable it by following our previous post here. The Dreamscene feature unveils  a never before experienced desktop environment before you. You can set wmv and mpg […]