3 Ways to Set Tweets As Live Mac OS Screensavers

Twitter Mac

Twitter is ruling the web in many ways. Now you can even see people on Twitter breaking news before big media houses break them. For many out there Twitter is part of their daily routine. Sharing interesting findings and news is what makes Twitter an interesting place. That said if you want to have Twitter messages on your on Mac OS as screensaver then here is something interesting.

These Mac OS screensavers when installed lets you display Twitter timeline or tweets streamlined to your screen. Whenever computer goes into idle mode and when the screensaver triggers tweets are displayed. All these tools require an internet connection for pulling tweets from public timeline in real-time.

1. Twistori

Twistori for Mac OS is a free screensaver lets you automatically display Twitter messages colorfully. This tool can display live tweets based on keywords or verbs included. So whenever Twistori come across a tweet on Twitter timeline with that keyword it simply pulls that and display when screensaver is active.

Twistori don’t allow you to add own keywords and no other options are available.

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Twistori for Mac OS

2. Tweetica

Tweetica for Mac OS  is a screensaver that can display tweets from Twitter. Tweetica can fetch real-time tweets from Twitter based on hashtags set by you.


3. TweetSavr

TweetSavr is a Mac OS X screen saver that lets you display your latest tweets and tweets from friends on public timeline in a simple cloud. TweetSavr requires you to login to Twitter account and authorize it.  The font and size of the tweets can be changed. TweetSavr works with Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

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TweetSavr for Mac

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