3 Ways to Accept Random Files in Dropbox from Others

Dropbox Files

Dropbox lets you sync and backup files online to their cloud storage space. The Dropbox API being available allows enthusiasts develop third-party apps that extends the usability of Dropbox to a greater extend. We had published a post on various third-party Dropbox add-ons  available. Check that here.

Though Dropbox is considered personal you can let others upload files to your account via few third-party add-ons available without sharing credentials without compromising security. These apps can be handy when you have enough disk space on your Dropbox which very well can be accumulated using their referral program or availing premium service.

Note that Dropbox feature shared folders allows sending and receiving files among friends, but that never works in the case of other strangers.

List of Dropbox services that allows users upload files to your account anytime :

1. JotForm

Jotform lets you create web form for free with Dropbox integration. Using Jotform WYSIWYG editor create form that can added to your blog or as email signature. Jotform use Dropbox account with OAuth for authentication.

Once after embedding Jotform on blog or website others can upload files (upto 50 MB/file) to your Dropbox account. Make sure you enable ‘Unique Submission’ if you don’t spammers to take control.

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Jotform Dropbox

2. DROPitTOme

DropitTOme based on Dropbox uploader script lets you create a password protected account which can then be shared with your friends. DropitTOme is a secure way to allow others to send files to your Dropbox account.

Connect DropitTOme with your Dropbox, and then create an account by providing the username, password, and email. The username will be used as a unique address. The upload password will prevent hackers from uploading any virus.


3. AirDropper

With AirDropper for Dropbox you can allow others to send files to your Dropbox account via email. AirDropper lets you receive files which is SSL encryption protected. The advantage of AirDropper is that the person you’re requesting the files from just needs an email address. This app creates a subfolder called “AirDropper” when someone uploads files via  the link you send. AirDropper supports files up to 75 MB each and supports multiple uploads.

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AirDropper Dropbox

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