Best Voice Changer Apps For PUBG Mobile (2021) + Emulator

May 30, 2021 By Ankish

PUBG is a game with many features, including voice chat. Although it may not be the most exciting feature, you can use some of the best voice changer apps for PUBG mobile to spice up your conversations and make friends laugh! We just found a list of five top-rated voice-changing apps that will make your gameplay experience more fun and entertaining than ever before!

Best Voice Changer Apps For PUBG Mobile (2021) + Emulator

PUBG is the most played game nowadays, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. It was first released as an online multiplayer game for windows in 2017 by a Korean company called Bluehole. Now you can play PUBG on many other platforms, including Android, Windows Mobile phones (or tablets), iPhones or iPads running iOS 11+, Xbox One consoles with access to Microsoft Studios games app store; Play Station 4 console with access to Sony Entertainment Network account; Stadia.

With PUBG becoming an increasingly popular game, many are discovering new ways to play. One of these is voice changers for PUBG that give you a different tone in your voice while playing the game. If you’re interested in trying them out, there’s plenty available on the internet, and all have been tested as some of the best!

What are Voice Changer Apps?

Voice changer apps are a technology that changes the voice of a person. They can change their pitch, speed up or slow down their speech, and even raise or lower the volume to make them sound like an animal!

Some people use these apps for entertainment purposes such as talking with friends on Skype while pretending to be someone else. Others may want to disguise their identity when they’re making phone calls in order not to get caught by whoever is on the other end of the line listening closely.

Best Voice Changer Apps for PUBG Mobile (2021)

Haven’t you tried voice changers for PUBG mobile yet? To make your voice chat exciting and to keep your friends laughing while playing PUBG mobile, PUBG voice changers are a must. There is no lack of options, but only the best one will do: so I recommend using “Voice Changers for PUBG,” which works perfectly!

Best Voice Changer Apps for PUBG Mobile (2021)

Voice FX

This best voice changer for PUBG comes with a variety of different effects to choose from. With the Voice FX, you can change your voice into an array of exciting and unique characters, suitable for any occasion! Allowing you to upload saved recordings as ringtones or share them across social media channels, this is one must-have application in every phone’s arsenal.

It’s time to change up your voice in PUBG mobile! These are some steps you can follow if you want a new, more casual sound.

1. Open the app.

Open the voice fx

2. Click On three Line option present on the left side.

Click On three Line option

3. Click On Live Voice Playback Option

Click On Live Voice Playback Option

4. Now, the recording gets started; now choose your desired voice.

choose your desired voice

5. Now, open PUBG and make your friends laugh.

Download it from the link given here: Click here to download Voice FX

Top Voice Changers For PUBG Emulator & PC (2021)

Top Voice Changers For PUBG Emulator & PC (2021)

1. Voicemod

Voicemod is the best voice changer for PUBG if you’re playing on PC. It’s free and has many different effects, including female/girl, scream, robot, etc. You can use it to change your voice in real-time while talking with friends or teammates, which could be a lot of fun during intense matches. This software also works for other games like Fortnite when using the VoIP chat feature as well as discord servers, Skype, VR Chat, Second Life, and many more where users from all over connect together audio channels.

Are you interested in a new voice to chat with your friends? Check out this excellent Voicemod app and download Voicemod voice changer from the link here.

2. Clownfish

The best PUBG voice changer software I’ve come across so far is called “Clownfish.” It comes with VST plugin compatibility as well as an included Sound player with build-in sounds and management features. Clownfish offers many different types of voices, including Alein, Atari, female pitch, etc. – you can even get a baby’s or radio-like tone if that suits your needs! You should be able to download this free app on any Windows Vista/7/8/10 system!

Note: Before downloading Clownfish, check your PC that whether it is 64 bit or 32 bit.

3. Voxal Voice Changer

For those who want to change their voice while playing games, I would recommend the “Voxal Voice Changer.” The application offers many effects such as a robot, girl, boy, and even alien voices. It can also be used for recording live video game streams on a platform like Twitch or YouTube with your friends in real-time (for instance, Fortnite).

How do Voice Changer Apps Work?

The best apps for voice changers work on the principle of frequency modulation. The process is very complicated, but in simple terms, it means that one sound wave (a person’s voice) can be converted into another sound wave by changing the frequencies at which they vibrate.

A lower resonant frequency will produce deep bass and vice-versa. Changing these vibrations also changes their velocity, which results in an entirely different set of harmonics being produced: higher pitch sounds with more high-end frequencies are created when there is less airflow for the sound waves to travel through; conversely low pitched sounds have greater volume because they travel farther before dispersing. This change affects other aspects of the tone as well, such as duration (note how the pitch effects are more noticeable in a sustained note).


If you’re a fan of the new Pubg mobile game, then you should be taking advantage of some awesome voice changer apps for PUBG. Playing PUBG mobile has become a fun way to spend time lately. If you want something new, use the best voice changers apps for PUBG. I know you’re eager to hear the voice changers for PUBG mobile and both ones on PC, too.

Happy Gaming!

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