Best Voice Changer Apps For PUBG Mobile (2021) + Emulator

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PUBG offers a voice chat feature and if you want to make your voice funny and want to make your friends laugh then you can use some best voice changers for PUBG mobile and for finding them you don’t need to go anywhere else, as now I will guide you a list of top 5 PUBG voice changer apps of 2021.

PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground) is the most played game nowadays. It is an online multiplayer game released in 2017 for windows by a Korean company Bluehole. You can play PUBG on many platforms including Android, Windows, iOS, Xbox One, Play station 4, and Stadia as well.

PUBG is a huge platform and peoples are keep doing experiments over it and one of them is using the best voice changers for PUBG and if you are also willing to do this, then try some of the voice changer apps given in the list and all are one of the best on the internet.

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Best Voice Changer Apps for PUBG Mobile

To make your voice chat interesting and make your friends happy and laugh while playing PUBG mobile, voice changers are the best option. There are numerous voice changer Android apps APK available in the market but all of those are not good and don’t work properly. For this reason, I recommend using only the app as voice changers For PUBG which works properly i.e., given below.

Voice FX

The best voice changer app for PUBG mobile, which you can use on android is Voice FX and it also offers you real-time voice changer for PUBG. It offers you many effects including Chipmunk, Autotune, Robot, Female, Male, Kid, Strong, Double, Mask, Drunk, Slow, Fast, Sheep, Monster, Alien, and many more. You can also edit your saved recording and also make them your ringtone and share them with your friends.

Steps to follow to start using this voice changer for PUBG mobile (2020):

1. Open the app.

voice fx

2. Click On three Line option present on the left side.

Voice Changers For PUBG 1

3. Click On Live Voice Playback Option

Voice Changers For PUBG

4. Now, recording gets started, now choose your desired voice.

Voice Changers For PUBG

5. Now, open PUBG and make your friends laugh.

Download it from the link given below

Click here to download Voice FX

Top Voice Changers For PUBG Emulator & PC

1. Voicemod

If you are playing PUBG emulator or PC on your Windows PC, then Voicemod is best for you as it offers you free service and you can change your voice in real-time. There are many effects available in this app including female/girl, scream, robot, pitch, deep, magic chords, and many more. You can not only use this software on PUBG only as you can also use this on Fortnite, Discord, Steam, zoom, Skype, VR Chat, Second Life, and many more. Now, what are you waiting for? go and download this software and make your friends laugh. You can download Voicemod voice changer from the link here.


2. Clownfish

The next recommended voice changer for PUBG for Windows is clownfish and it is most popular among PUBG players as it has Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugin support and the Sound player with build-in sounds and management. It offers many voice effects including Alein, Atari, female pitch, helium pitch, clone, mutation, baby pitch, radio, and many more. You can operate clownfish on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10.Note: Before downloading Clownfish check your PC that whether it is 64 bit or 32 bit.


3. Voxal Voice Changer

Another most popular voice changer for PUBG and real-time voice changer for Windows or MAC OS is Voxal Voice Changer. In this software you can add effects to your existing files and also use this for real-time while using microphones. Vocal Voice Changer offers many effect including robot, girl, boy, alien, atmospheric, and echo as well. You can also use it for playing Fortnite, Steam, Skype and many more.

Voxal Voice Changer


Nowadays pubg mobile is getting popular day by day and if you want to someting new in it then use best voice changers apps for pubg.

Now, I hope that I get success in providing you voice changers for PUBG mobile and PUBG emulator and PC both.

Happy Gaming.

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