BitDefender USB Immunizer- Protect PC From Autorun-based USB Virus Attacks

BitDefender USB Immunizer

Even though there are many ways chosen by cyber criminals to infect Windows PC, the use of Autorun-based virus scripts that spread via USB devices are the most common method. These nasty little Autorun files available in variants like Trojan.AutorunInf, the Conficker worm (Win32.Worm.Downadup) or Worm.Autorun.VHD can possibly result in catastrophes if not dealt properly. It can infect your PC, run keyloggers and steal crucial data. While the Antivirus softwares providers update their database frequently, daily new malware pop up and your computer is exposed to it. So what exactly is the best way to stay away from Autorun-based malwares spreading through USB and other memory devices.

BitDefender USB Immunizer is a standalone freeware that can immunize or disable Autorun-based malware by disabling the auto execution of such files on an external USB device. These malware usually create its own autorun.inf file and take control of your PC by executing programs in the background. Now with BitDefender USB Immunizer installed the tool itself creates or replaces any autorun.inf file found on your USB device with file that can’t be erased, thus immunizing it.

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The BitDefender USB Immunizer interface lets you selectively Immunize USB devices connected to your Windows PC. This option makes sure that the malware is unable to create its autorun.inf file. Also you can slide to enable computer immunization that protects PC from infected USB drives. That way your PC will not auto-execute malware on USB devices. I would say this is a very handy tool for the frequent internet cafe visitors, the place believed to the primary source of virus that spread through USB devices.

BitDefender USB Immunizer

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