Send And Receive WhatsApp Messages on Windows PC Using BlueStacks App [Free]

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The popular free messaging app, Whatsapp is available for all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. But a desktop version is not yet available for desktop OS making WhatsApp a mobile only service. The scene is changing as BlueStacks Player for Windows, a popular app that lets you install Android apps on desktop has been updated to fully support WhatsApp on it.

BlueStack Player Beta for Windows PC lets you install thousand of Android apps along with WhatsApp so that you can start sending and receiving messages from your friends on desktop. Once after installing WhatsApp on Windows via BlueStack Player you can use your mobile phone number to authorize the newly installed app to load phone book contacts and other details associated with your account. After that you can start WhatsApp-ing just like what you did on a mobile device. WhatsApp on BlueStacks player can be used to send and receive photos, map locations, audio notes and videos. Also you can use the smiley set available with the app to enrich your messages like what you already did on WhatsApp mobile app.

Follow the steps below on how to install the latest BlueStacks Player Beta version and then download WhatsApp on it.

How to install WhatsApp on Windows 7, 8:

1. Download and install the latest BlueStacks Player Beta version for Windows PC. If you have already installed the alpha version make sure you uninstall it first.

2. Launch BlueStacks Player and register for a new account. If you already have an account with BlueStacks login using the existing account credentials.

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BlueStacks Account Register

3. Now go to the BlueStacks dock on top of the computer screen and open ‘Popular Downloads’ tab.

BlueStack Player Windows Dock

4. Click to select WhatsApp app from the popular list of apps to start downloading WhatsApp.

WhatsApp BlueStack Download

5. Once after downloading head over to BlueStacks dock on top and then to ‘My Apps’. Select ‘WhatsApp’ app from the list of apps to load it on BlueStacks player. Hit ‘Agree and Continue’.

WhatsApp BlueStack Player

6. Now verify your phone number by selecting your country and entering mobile number with country code. Note that if you are already using WhatsApp on your mobile phone then once after you verify WhatsApp on BlueStacks player you won’t be able to send or receive messages on mobile phone. Hit ‘Ok’ to continue.

WhatsApp BlueStacks Register

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7. WhatsApp will now verify phone number by sending a SMS code to it. After getting the SMS with code on your mobile phone wait for the verification process on BlueStacks player to finish. Note that most probably the verification process will fail with an option to verify using voice call. Click that and you will then receive a voice call on your mobile along with a field where you need to enter the verification code.

WhatsApp SMS Verification

8. Once verified you will see the WhatsApp interface where you can compose a message and broadcast or send to your contacts. Hit the menu button below the WhatsApp player to add contacts, delete messages, email messages etc. To attach files including audio, video and map location  click the paper clip icon on top right corner. There itself you can see the smiley emoticons icon from where you can quickly include various smileys in your messages. Hit ‘Send’ to send messages.

WhatsApp Android Windows UI

Note: At a time a mobile number to attached to WhatsApp app can be used with only one device ie either on Windows desktop or on your mobile phone.

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