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Facebook font changer script

We know how annoyed you all are with the latest Facebook update. They changed the font size of news feed stream which designers over there at Facebook HQ think is awesome. None of the users are comfortable with this update and are updating status to show their anger. It’s quite hard to spot on alphabets and continue reading for a long time.

Here is a browser tweak that can fetch you the original font size. This tweak works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as both the browsers embrace scripts and add-ons. So, if you want to get back that default font size following the steps for Chrome and Firefox.

Before the tweak:

Facebook News small font

After the tweak:

Facebook News Old big font

Change Facebook news feed font size back to original :

For getting back the original font size you have to install both greasemonkey and userscript on Firefox. Only userscript is necessary on Chrome browser.

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Firefox users:

1. First install the Greasemonkey Add-on  from here.

Firefox greasemonkey script 1

2. Install the script on Firefox  from Userscripts by clicking on ‘Install’.

Chrome users:

Install the script on Google Chrome from Userscripts by clicking ‘Install’.

Now you can enjoy Facebook with the same old news feed font size. Do share this post with your friends.

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