WP2USB- Windows 7 Tool to Convert WP7 Phone Into USB Drive

Windows Phone USB Drive

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 devices are available in different form factors including the ones that vary in storage sizes. In order to access files stored on your WP7 device all you have is Zune software installed on Windows 7 with an option to drag and drop files. But wouldn’t it cool if you can access files and folders so as to copy, paste or delete. With WP2USB tool for Windows 7 you can do so.

Wp2USB Windows 7 Tool

Download and install Wp2USB, a freeware tool for Windows 7 that can hack registry to enable USB storage feature when you connect Windows Phone 7. This tool auto detects all the WP7 authorized or previously connected with desktop and enable USB mass storage feature for all those devices. So next time when you connect any of those phones the classic explorer will let you drag and drop files to add it to appropriate folders. Hitting ‘Display phones in Explorer’ will enable this feature and clicking ‘Restore default MS settings/ don’t show’ will restore registry keys to get things back to normal.

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WP7 USB Storage

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