Cross-Post Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Updates Using Chrome Extension

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With the advent of Google Plus we now have yet another social networking space where we can dump all our status messages. But pushing updates to all these social networking and micro blogging sites would be a tedious task especially when you want to do it simultaneously. We already covered a Chrome extension that can send Google+ updates to Facebook and Twitter. But with that  plugin you could only cross-post from Google+ to Facebook and Twitter while the reverse was not possible. Check out this cool new Chrome extension that can ideally replace all other cross posting extensions.

Publish Sync extension for Chrome browser magically introduces check boxes below Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter web interface which when checked will send status messages to all other sites. That means from a single window you can instantly update all networking platforms. Install this extension and give access to your accounts to start cross posting. Another advantage of this plugin is that from Facebook and Twitter you can even select to which Google Plus circles you want to push that message. This extension also features Plurk which when compared to Google+, Facebook and Twitter is an alien.

Publish Sync Google+

Google+ to Facebook and Twitter sharing:

Google+ Twitter Facebook Share

Facebook to Google+ and Twitter sharing:

Facebook Google+ Twitter Share

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Twitter to Facebook and Google+ sharing:

Twitter Facebook Google+ Share

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