Enable Dropbox Links Feature to Share Any File Or Folder Without Add-ons [Tip]

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Though you can quickly share Dropbox files with your friends from official mobile apps that is not the case when it comes to desktop. Dropbox desktop app by default only allows linking to files placed in the ‘Public’ folder in Dropbox root folder. To get download links users have to either place files in ‘Public’ folder or create Shared folder with friends. But the latter doesn’t work if your friend is not using Dropbox. It seems this feature is already available but for some reasons not enabled by default on your Dropbox account. The good news is you can now enable this Dropbox links feature by following this tip. Once enabled you can create a link to any file or folder in your Dropbox and also send it to anyone, even to the ones not using Dropbox.

To enable Dropbox links on your account do this right now. Login to your Dropbox account from web and then access this URL http://www.dropbox.com/enable_shmodel to enable ‘Links’ feature. Dropbox will greet you with the following message “Sharing model enabled for your account” and this feature will now be active on your account. But for this to be reflected on Dropbox desktop client you have to reload it.

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Now when you right-click on single files in any Dropbox folder or the folder itself you will see a ‘Get link’ option  and when selected loads the link in browser. This link can then be shared with public for download purposes.

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