Facebook Questions- Ask Questions or Conduct Interactive Polls via Facebook Status Updates

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It is never-ending fun when you are on Facebook. The Facebook dev team is rolling out yet another feature which was in beta testing phase, the Facebook Questions. With the updated Facebook Questions feature you can now ask your friends questions, opinion about something, host quiz or even conduct polls.

Adrian, a product manager for Questions says,

Questions originated as people began using Facebook in a new and unexpected way. People would update their status with a question, and their friends would answer in the comments. We saw this and began thinking about how we could make this interaction more useful.

What makes the Questions feature interesting is its ability to conduct interactive polls. Once you post a Question your friends can add their own suggestions or response as an answer. Once one of your friends has answered then even his/ her friends can also cast their votes or opinion. This can continue as a chain reaction and there lies the potential. This can be used as an effective survey tool with time when more and more users starts using it.

Hit the “Question” button near to the Status bar and ask a Question first. Then you can add limited number of options or even check “Allow anyone to add options” so that you can get more suggestions or answers as response.

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FB Questions

Facebook friends and their friends will see this in news feed from where they can add a response.

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