Free Amazon Cloud Alternatives to Storage Drive & Music Player for Audio Streaming

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Amazon Cloud Alternatives

The cloud storage and streaming services are fast evolving offering cool features for free. The latest being Amazon cloud drive and music player with 5GB free storage that lets you stream music on cloud to your computer and Android devices. With Google’s and Apple’s music streaming service in pipeline the competition is just tightening up. Though the giants are offering these cloud services for free, their ultimate goal is to increase online music sales. But as an end-user we get to use cool services for free. Thanks to Google, Amazon and Apple.

Amazon cloud services, Cloud Drive and Music Player services backed by their own Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) service can be used to store text, video, photo, audio files with later supporting audio streaming to Mac, Windows or Linux OS. With Amazon Cloud Drive you can save all Amazon MP3 purchases (even the post-DRM era iTunes purchases) directly stored on cloud for free. Amazon has also released an Android app and even works on BlackBerry OS browser but no support for iOS yet.

To be frank there are services like Spotify, Pandora, Grooveshark etc. that lets you stream music to Android, iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad) and computer. But with a cloud player you get to upload the audio files already available on your computer and stream them via mobile apps. The users can avail the power of cloud storage for storing various file formats and then stream or access files from a remote location via apps.

If you are in search of services that can replace Amazon cloud services (Cloud Drive and Music Player) then here are few cool services. Please note that these alternate services doesn’t allow you to buy songs but will allow you to upload audio files to cloud and stream them on mobile via apps.

List of free alternatives to Amazon cloud and music player :

1. Dropbox

Dropbox offers free 2GB cloud storage space with support for audio files. Uploaded audio files can be played via web interface or even streamed to mobile apps including Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

Dropbox Music

2. SugarSync

SugarSync offers 5 GB free storage space with mobile apps available for platforms including Android, iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad), BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian. With the recent update SugarSync music player even works in the background, allowing you to use your iOS device for other stuff while listening to your music.

3. Box

Box offers 5 GB of free cloud storage space with mobile apps available for Android, BlackBerry and iOS (iPhone and iPad) platform supporting music streaming.

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These alternate services can be used to fulfill your cloud storage and audio streaming needs until we have similar services from Google and Apple with support for mp3 file purchases.

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