Top 5 Free Antivirus Apps for Android Phones

Android Virus

With more number of smartphones introduced into the market threat of malware and virus attack exists. Though virus or malware that attacks major mobile OS are handful in number it is expected to grow rapidly in coming years. The fastest growing and popular Android mobile OS might be the target of hackers out there. Like any other OS there are many Free Antivirus Apps for Android Phones and security apps that can protect your mobile phone from intruders. It is important that you protect your phone if you store confidential or details of credit cards, bank accounts etc.

List of Best Free Antivirus software apps for Android phones :

Here is a list of best free Android Antivirus apps available now,

1. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security app for Android not only protects your phone from virus and spyware but it also provide plethora of other features including data backup, remote data wipe, find phone etc. You can read our earlier review about Lookout for Android here. The Lookout app also scans every installed app. Even your Android phone can be located on a map from a remote location. It is considered to be best Free Antivirus Apps for Android Phones.

Free Antivirus Apps for Android Phones

2. Antivirus free

Anti-virus free is an app for Android that can safeguard your phone from viruses, malware and exploits with real-time scanning. The Antivirus Free Android app can Scan folders & files, Scan MP3 & ZIP files, SD card. It also includes Cloud 2 Device support. It is the most used Free Antivirus Apps for Android Phones.

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Free Antivirus Apps for Android

3. Super Security

Super security for Android provides cloud based antivirus engine that can protect your phone from malware. Apart from the community based antivirus engine Super Security provides  strongbox to hide your sensitive data. Also includes features like Missing device find back and Task Manager.

Super Security Android Antivirus

4. MYMobile Protection

MYMobile Protection for Android is a free app with many features. It includes Antivirus, Backup, Theft protection max protection against viruses, spyware, hackers, theft etc. The app can do an Instant virus Scan, Real-time Monitoring, Backup & remote wipe of data and private information.

Mobile Security Android

5. Risk Detector

Risk Dectector is a mobile security tool for Android that can identify Virus, Spyware and Malware. It protects your phone by providing fool proof Antivirus, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware & more. It can also scan every app installed on your Android phone.

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Risk Detector Android

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