Top 3 Free Cloud Based Antivirus for Windows

Cloud antivirus

There are lots of  antivirus softwares available in market now. Be it a paid or free antivirus solution, choices are too wide  that a customer can choose one that meet their expectation. But these traditional antivirus softwares will be replaced by intelligent cloud based ones in near future. The collective intelligence concept has been rolled out to AV market already. What is a cloud based service?

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like the electricity grid.

The main problem with present version of AV software is that it runs on your PC. In other words each and every signature update is pushed by the service provider to your system to keep the software alert and informed about latest threats. It  even takes a long time for these isolated security labs to test and flag a new virus. This is bad considering the fact that today virus evolve and change rapidly. This is where collective intelligent softwares can come handy.

Here we present you with the three free cloud based antivirus software solution available for windows PCs. In fact by cloud based we mean the software that depend on the crowd source for  its intelligent run.

1) Panda Cloud

Panda cloud  is a free antivirus software for windows platform. This easy to install tool can scan your PC for potential threat and then quarantine virus based on the info from remote knowledge base. Panda cloud installs a cache of its cloud detection locally. You need a healthy internet connection for this tool to run smoothly. The footprint is quite small when compared  to traditional AVs.

Download size : 22 MB

panda cloud AV

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2) Threat Fire

Threat Fire is a PC Tools product with many options included to provide a power pack free solution for your windows PC. Sensitivity level adjust, scan scheduler, list manager etc are some of the features in addition to ones we can see in Panda cloud AV. ThreatFire is offering database update through its Smart Update component.

Download Size : 8.6 MB

ThreatFire Antivirus cloud

3) Immunet

Immunet is a free, fast and light layer of virus detection which make use of  Collective Immunity to get info about the latest threat. This tool gathers strength daily as the community around grows. The traditional isolated lab security is no more an issue here as collective intelligence can do the trick.

Download size : 3.5 MB

Immunet protect AV

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