{Updated} Top 10 Free Media Player Apps for Android Phones 2020

Media player apps android

Are you here for free Media Player Apps for Android Phones 2020? Then you are on your right destiny.

The stock media player in Google Android OS is famous for its non-user friendliness. It’s dumb that any other media player when introduced to market place becomes an instant hit. The developers have counted on this to build clean and awesome looking alternatives.

We had earlier published some top list posts and you may check that out here. Today we present you with yet another top apps lists, top 10 free alternatives to stock media player in android. (listed in no order)

Best Free Media Player Apps for Android Phones 2020

1) DoubleTwist

doubleTwist Player can play  both music and video. It can also work in sync with the free doubleTwist desktop client available. The features include  iTunes playlists import, ratings,  sync and play your audio and video podcasts. It is the best recommended Free Media Player Apps for Android Phones 2020.

Free Media Player Apps

2) TuneWiki

TuneWiki for android is basically a music player. Considered as an ideal alternative to the stock player (default) that comes with the Android OS. The features include lyrics , watch music videos, or stream songs through SHOUTcast radio. It also has social networking integration with Facebook and Twitter. It is also the most used Free Media Player Apps for Android Phones in 2020.

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TuneWiki Android player

3) Cubed

Cubed Music Player for android is different in its UI. This app incorporates a 3D interface that works in either portrait or landscape mode. Other features includes playlists, shuffle, album cover Art, visual theme etc.

Cubed android media player

4) Meridian

Meridian Player for android comes with plethora of features. It includes some features which we usually see only in desktop apps. The features are video and music playback, lyrics search, gesture control, Edit ID3 tags, ratings etc.

meridian android app

5) MortPlayer

The another best free Media Player Apps for Android Phones 2020 is MortPlayer. It is a clean UI music player for android OS. It includes all common features like shuffle, forward etc. Moreover here in this app  folder structure is used instead of tags.

Mortplayer android

6) bTunes

bTunes is a music player that clones the famous iPhone music player UI. If you have used iPhone OS once you would know the coolness of the app and those look and features are ported here. The features are voice commands, lock screen controls, Bluetooth controls, bookmarking, album Art etc.

btunes Android music player

7) MixZing

MixZing is an advanced player that has the features similar to Meridian player. Apart from the usual features it includes MP3 tag editor, mood player, home-screen and lock-screen, Artist info, videos, photos, album art, widgets support and genre video browsing.

Mixzing android

8 ) Astro

Asto player for android can play both music and video. It also supports audiobooks and podcasts playback too. The features include Advanced bookmarks, folder based auto-playlists, fast playback, equalizer, skins, scrobbling, fetching album art, auto-resume, lyrics, podcasts etc.

astro android player

9)  Real Player

RealPlayer the famous desktop media client is now having an android version too. This app can seamlessly play your video and music content. You can also check out slide show of your favorite photos.

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Real player android

10) Video Player

As the name suggests Video player for android plays video files on the go. This app plays all H.264 & 3gp videos easily. The features include thumbnail of video, video details like length, time left etc, themes support etc. Video player also remember the exit point for each video.

Video player android

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