Top 10 Free Time Killer Game Apps for iPhone & iPod Touch

Ninja Jump iPhone

Stranded at the airport due to sudden reschedule of flight because of bad weather. Missed your train due to unexpected traffic or finding it hard to kill time while waiting for your friend at a cafe. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch in your pocket chances are less that you may feel bored. At least after going through this list of games that can kill time no matter what the situation is.

All the games mentioned below are available for iOS platform that can run on both iPhone and iPod Touch (Including iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 or iPod Touch 2G, 3G or 4G). The games listed below are very popular among iDevice users and is the best seller in Apple store. The list includes games from developers like ClickGamer, Backflip Studios and Tapulous who are famous for gaming apps on iOS platform. All these games can be played on almost all generations of iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 3.0 and upwards.

1. Angry Birds Lite

The most popular game available on iOS platform till date, Angry Birds by Clickgamer Technologies is a physics based fun game where the angry birds take a revenge on the green pigs who stole their eggs. You play for angry birds and demolish the pigs castles by applying basic physics and pre judging your destination. Each birds have unique destructive power that they can use against the might pigs.

Angry Birds iPhone

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2. Paper Toss

Ifyou are feeling bored and is good at paper shot then Paper Toss developed by Backflip Studios is for you. This popular game basically consists of throwing crumpled piece of paper into a trash can place at a distance from you. There is also an electric fan placed to make things difficult for you. You can select the ambience which includes places like airport, office etc with real sounds that match the scene.

Paper Toss iPhone

3. Tap Tap Revenge 4

The Tap Tap Revenge for iDevice’s is a true test to see how fast your fingers can move. You need to tap the targets on your screen which keeps changing with beat of music. Depending on how accurate you are and timing score boards ticks. With online connectivity Tapulous Inc. makes sure that no two levels are alike.

Tap Tap Revenge iPhone

4. Touch Hockey: FS5

Touch Hockey by FlipSide5 Inc. is an air hockey game available for iPhone and iPod Touch that can be played against programmed computer or with your friends over Bluetooth and WiFi. With 3 levels of one-player game play with 3D mallets makes gameplay much interesting. This game is Ad supported free game.

Touch Hockey iPhone

5. Bubble Shooter

The name suggests game theme. Yes, all you have to do is tap on the screen where you want the ball to land on. You need to make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them vanish and score points.You can score more points if you can shoot many bubbles at a time.Definitely a time killer game available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Bubble Shooter iPhone

6. Fruit Ninja Lite

The Fruit Ninja game for iPhone and iPod Touch developed by Halfbrick is a sure test for your concentration and responsiveness to the on-screen happenings. You need to swipe the screen to slash and splatter fruits thrown up but avoiding the bombs that can creep in. Keep playing to unlock new backgrounds and blades. You can also post results on Twitter and Facebook.

Fruit Ninja iPhone

7. iBasket Free

One of the famous game apps available in app store developed by Ideateca. iBasket is an addictive free basketball game. All you have to do is aim the basket and try basketing maximum times within the time limit (90 seconds). Three consecutive basket will increase score and direct basket will fetch you extra time. You can also compare scores with your friends on Facebook.

iBasket iPhone

8. Strike Knight

The Strike Knight game is yet another free game for iPhone and iPod Touch by Backflip Studios. As the pic below suggests this is a puck bowling. Your goal is to time shots and pick up spares and strikes.You can also play with upto 4 of your friends in pass-and-play mode. Awesome game with Bowling sounds and cool graphics. Too good to be free.

Strike Knight iPhone

9. Ninja Jump

The Ninja Jump for iOS from Backflip Studios is a ninja climbing game where your aim is to move up as high as possible avoiding or attacking obstacles like squirrels, birds, throwing stars and bombs. Keep jumping from one side of the wall to other side while busting your enemies on the fly. Also collect shields to gain energy. You can post results to Twitter and Facebook.

Ninja Jump iPhone

10. Fall Down

TheFallDowngame by Hannes Jensen is a simple game that makes use of the accelerometer on your iPhone and iPod Touch.All you have to do is tilt your iDevice to control the ball. At any cost you must avoid and save the ball from getting squished at the top. Earn game points by going down through holes as long as possible.

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Falldown iPhone

Hope you liked this cool list of iPhone and iPod Touch games. Let us know your thoughts as comments  below.

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