5 Free VPN Clients to Play Multiplayer Games With Anyone Over Internet

Gaming LAN party

If you have ever been to a LAN party or hosted one during college days you will know how fun it is. The excitement and joy of playing head on with your colleagues all sitting in a hall is no less than winning a lottery ( for game freaks). But these LANs won’t be practical once you are out from an organisation. The setup cost plays the spoil sport. The VPN networks can be the right solution.

VPN is a secure way of connecting nodes in a private network across a public IP internet work. Two or more nodes of different networks can be networked via an authorized and secure connection. Once connection is established all the nodes work as if they all belong to one single LAN. Cool!!

VPN working infographic

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Here we present you with 5 cool services that can roll out virtual private networks for you to chat and play with your dear ones anywhere on earth.

1) Hamachi

Hamachi is a free VPN client that lets you find and create a private connection between your friends. Once the gaming session is created you can play multiplayer games without lag. You can get more info on configuration and setup from here.

hamachi 2 VPN

2) Xfire

Xfire is a specially developed game server browser. This app is available for windows platform only. You can find your friends and add them to your lists. You can also Text Chat, share screenshots and videos, voice chat etc. The community behind Xfire is so strong that its famous among the gaming community now.

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Xfire interface

3) Wippien

Wippien is a similar service like Hamachi. Unlike Hamachi the Wippien is an open source P2P  VPN client. It  establishes direct links between computers behind NAT firewalls without requiring any router configuration. This service uses the XMPP to manage user accounts.

wippien VPN interface

4) Tunngle

Tunngle is a free P2P VPN that can be handy for gamers. The true fun of LAN parties can be achieved with this cool service. Install Tunngle, start the game and go to the Local Network game browser. Find friends and add them and you are good to go.

Tunngle VPN interface

5) Gsc

Gsc client is a similar service to the Xfire. Once installed you can login in to add your friends. Voice chat , friend locator, game browser are some of the features of Gsc.

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GSC client interface

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