Top Free Yahoo Delicious Alternatives for Bookmarking

Free Yahoo Delicious Alternatives for Bookmarking

Sad news for all Yahoo! Delicious users out there. The most popular bookmarking service available online used by hundreds of web surfers is on the verge of extinction. Yes, Yahoo! Inc. is about to kill for the sake of better future as hinted by blog posts taking rounds across the internet. So, what next will the question in your mind, right? There exists many services that can be an alternative to with similar features.

Please note that some service allows bookmarks importing while other don’t. So, choose an alternative wisely because you will have your backed up Delicious bookmarks on your PC.

1. Diigo: Diigo is an all in one service that lets you bookmark websites, multimedia files and even save your favorite tweets. Diigo tool available for web browsers can do multiple tasks which includes bookmarking, view and search bookmarks, highlight text on web pages, sticky notes etc. Also available apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and browser extensions.

Free Yahoo Delicious Alternatives for Bookmarking

2. Google Bookmarks: Google Bookmarks by default is available to all users who hold a Google account. The Google Bookmarks service lets you bookmark interesting pages, organize it online by adding it to lists. This can be done via browser toolbar, web search results and Bookmarks bookmarklet. Also supports bookmarks importing from browsers and other service including

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Google Bookmarks

3. Evernote: Evernote is a cool service that offers many features. Evernote lets you save web page links or text from a page you stumble across online. Evernote works with nearly every computer, phone and mobile device out there. This is made possible with apps available for all major mobile platforms.

Evernote Bookmarking

4. Blinklist: They claim “BlinkList is like iTunes for web pages. Intuitive, easy to use and incredibly fast.” Blinklist is free and has Delicious like features that lets you save web page links, search them and share with your friends. You can also read web pages in offline mode. But this service lacks mobile apps which in the current scenario is a must have for any bookmarking service.

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