Droid Code- Generate QR Codes for Apps on Official Android Marketplace Using Chrome Extension

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Android app markets are usually accompanied by QR code generators that auto generates codes for easy install of apps on mobile phones. These QR codes when lying near to the apps description page is very useful for bloggers and enthusiasts who are into app testing. But the official Android Marketplace lacks this feature and supports installation only via remote syncing feature. Here is a Chrome extension that resides on official Android Marketplace web interface and displays QR codes for apps.

Droid Code is a Chrome extension that adds QR code to all apps near to the description on Android Marketplace web interface. This extension automatically generates QR codes which can be scanned using barcode scanner apps from mobile phones and Tablet PCs. For list of Android scanner apps check our post here. Droid Code is available on both Chrome web store and extensions gallery.

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Droid Code Chrome Extension

Droid Code chrome extension comes handy if you are busy blogger who checks Android Marketplace from desktops for interesting apps and tests them on a daily basis. Another situation where QR codes on Android Marketplace web interface can prove worthy is when you want to install apps on friend’s phone from desktop and you don’t want to share your credentials. That is an alternate solution for app syncing feature on Android Marketplace that require you to be signed in from desktop and the remote Android phone. This will increase security and productivity. Happy Droid Coding!

This is my first Chrome extension and would like to know your feedback as comments. Do rate, share and blog about this extension. Thanks for the support.

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