Guerrilla Bob- 3D Multiplayer Shooting Game for iOS, Android, Windows & Mac OS

Guerrilla Bob

Multiplayer games are always fun. You get to play with friends and if it’s a cross-platform multiplayer game then you know how far it can reach. Till recent past we had multiplayer games which worked only on the same platform. Things are changing now with advancements in gaming arena which is related to how various mobile platforms have evolved. With mobile platforms supporting complex programs with the help of powerful hardware which can even house 3D graphics is a game changer. Here is one such cross-platform multiplayer game.

Guerrilla Bob is a cross-platform 3D  multiplayer game that is available for a wide range of platforms including both mobile and desktop. The game now available for Apple iOS, Google Android, Mac OS with Windows version in pipeline is a sure entertainer. Developed by Angry Mob Games, this cross-platform game involves a military man fighting for victory. There are weapons, collectible powers involved in this multi-mode game. The visual experience is appealing with 3D graphics and great gameplay with many modes to choose from.

The fun part of this game is the support for cross-platform multiplayer with Personal Hotspot option with which you can play against your friend on Windows PC (soon) , Mac OS, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android (Xperia Play). You need to have WiFi enabled hardware as this game is not 3G enabled yet. That means you can only play this game in a local community where the WiFi range is the decider.

Guerrilla Bob is available in Android market for 2.99$ and Apple iTunes store for 0.99$. The Mac version available on Mac app store. Windows version will be available soon.

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Guerrilla Bob iPhone

Guerrilla Bob weapons 1

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