Honeybread – Android 3.0 Honeycomb Cyanogen 7 (CM7) Theme for HDPI Phones

Honeycomb Cyanogen

If you are into Android OS modding and tweaking you will most probably have heard of Cyanogen custom Android supporting many phones and devices. Their latest version CM7 based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread is doing rounds and is too good to be free. The main advantage of rooting your Android phone to run Cyanogen version is  that you get many added features than on out of the box stock Android OS version. That said theming is also possible on Cyanogen which lets you make your Android experience more fun. The latest of Android ie Honeycomb is expected to hit tablets later this year but whether it will be made available for phone is still not clear. Till that time for Android phone users to taste Honeycomb you can theme your device.

Honeybread is a theme available for Cyanogen 7 (CM7) version for HDPI phones and devices. HDPI supporting high resolutions includes phones like Nexus S, Nexus One, HTC Desire and on Samsung Galaxy Tab. Still in alpha stage Honeybread theme was developed by a user over at XDA developers forum. The theme brings forth the bluish flavour to the entire UI unlike what you have experienced till date on greenish variants. This theme sports a tron like amazing analog clock with a completely revamped UI. Also includes stunning music player with smooth transitions. The developer promises a free and donate version will be made available soon via Android market. All MDPI users can wait till the developer or someone else ports to support low resolution devices like HTC Wildfire.

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How to install Honeybread Android 3.0 Theme on Cyanogen 7 :

  1. Download the Honeybread.apk for HDPI phones – http://bit.ly/e2V2ca
  2. Install the APK on your Android phone.
  3. Open the Theme Chooser app.
  4. Select the Honybread Theme.
  5. Apply and reboot phone.
HoneyBread Theme
HoneyBread CM7 Theme
Honeybread Volume 1

Honeybread Music

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