How to Add URL Shortener to TweetDeck Desktop Client

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The most popular Twitter desktop client, TweetDeck supports URL shortening services like,, tinyurl and twurl. But there are many more reliable URL shorteners out there. Recent online performance data of various URL shortening services from Watchmouse suggests that Google’s own URL shortening service is the most reliable in terms of response time and uptime. A reliable URL shortening service is important because once after shortening you never turn up to check if the links are working or not. The users clicking links later might end up with dead links. So how can you add URL shortener to TweetDeck desktop app.

TweetDeck URL Shorteners

Steps to add URL shortener to TweetDeck desktop client :

1. Launch TweetDeck and go to ‘Settings’ by clicking wrench icon on top right corner.

TweetDeck Settings

2.In the “TweetDeck Settings” window select the tab “Services”. Now under shorten URLs services select “Other”. Copy and paste the following URL shortening Endpoint – “” without quotes.

TweetDeck URL Shortening

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3. Hit “Save Settings” and go back to TweetDeck interface to start using URL shortener.


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