How to Automatically Generate QR Codes for Links on WordPress Blog Posts

WordPress QR code posts

With the advent of Android OS for smartphones the concept of QR codes took off in such a way that we know many apps for scanning Barcodes out there. Check our post on list of Barcode scanner apps for Android phones. The QR code technology became so popular that we started seeing them on all major Android app listing sites. With scanner apps we decode the info embedded in the QR code to either go to the link or display text info. What if this very same technology can be implemented in WordPress blog posts with all links automatically displaying QR codes on the fly. Would be awesome when you can read post link contents on handheld devices.

QR Code Tag WordPress plugin automatically creates QRCodes for your blog out of the links on pages. It stores all generated QR codes in cache locally on your web space. The images can be either in gif, png or jpeg format. This WP plugin make use of Google API which requires an online connection or QR code library which is pre loaded with the plugin. QR code tag plugin allows you to add shortcode to blog posts so that you can control the area where the QR codes pop up.

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Features of QR Code Tag WordPress plugin :

  1. Choose your QR Code generator: Google Chart API (online connection required) or QR Code Lib (included)
  2. GIF, PNG or JPEG image output
  3. All QR Code images are cached
  4. Use as a Sidebar Widget
  5. Use with Shortcode [qrcodetag]content[/qrcodetag] within your posts
  6. Use in Tooltip mode [qrcodetag tooltip="content"]some text[/qrcodetag] within your posts
  7. “Best Read Mode” for optimized QR Code image size
  8. Works with PHP 5.3 as well
  9. Available plugin admin interface languages: English, German

Download QR Code Tag WordPress plugin

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