How to Backup Delicious Bookmarks to Google Bookmarks Service 2020

Delicious to Google Bookmarks

The Yahoo! Delicious bookmarking service is about to be called off. It is obvious that many of your precious web findings will be stored on Delicious. If not your recent bookmarks at least many old ones will be. So, backup or export all your bookmarks on Delicious as soon as possible. While there are many free alternate services out there, Google Bookmarks can be handy if you are already using it. Google bookmarks supports importing of bookmarks too.

Steps to export Delicious bookmarks and import it to Google Bookmarks:

1. Login to your Delicious account.

2. Go to Settings (Top right corner of the page) and click ‘Export / Backup Bookmarks’.

Delicious Bookmarks Backup

3. Choose to backup tags, notes or select few bookmarks with tag filter and hit ‘Export’.

Delicious Export

4. Download and save the .htm file to your computer.

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5. Now switch to Firefox or Internet explorer if you are on some other browser and install Google Toolbar.

6. In Firefox, click Bookmarks and then click Organize Bookmarks (Ctrl+Shift+B).

Firefox Bookmarks

7. In the bookmark manager, click Import and Backup, and then click Import HTML.

Firefox Import HTML

8. Locate the .htm file you backed up from Delicious.

9. Now on the Google Toolbar, click Bookmarks, and then click Import Firefox Bookmarks.

Google Toolbar Bookmarks

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10. Select the bookmarks you want to import, and then click Import.

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