How to Check Network Speed of Your iPad

iPad speed check

The latest gizmo from Apple Inc.  the iPad is doing rounds across the web and social media is right on top discussing the pros and cons. Be it the WiFi or 3G version you would like to check the internet speeds of your network. There are websites that let you check the speed. Here is a cool app that can test and present you a detailed report of your network.

Speedtest X HD is a free iPad app developed by veeapps that lets you check internet speeds on the move. It can test your Wi-fi, 3G and  EDGE network for data transfer speeds and bandwidth. This app downloads and uploads dummy data and while it’s happening live stats are displayed and recorded.

Speedtest X HD UI

You can select between 4 different  locations including Dallas TX, Los Angeles CA, Portland and London. If you are not near these places you can select CDN in settings so that  a server closer to your location will be selected automatically.

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Speedtest X HD

Detailed report of your internet speed and a global average test data can be viewed.

Speedtest X HD results

This app is a must have for all network or internet enthusiasts who would love to check and keep record of internet speeds of different places they visit.

Download Speedtest X HD for iPad now.

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