How to Convert Wikipedia Articles to Pdf and Order Hardcopy Online

wikipedia 3D

Without doubt Wikipedia is the largest and most popular online information resource with more than 15 million articles and counting. The first resource we check or wish we always had access during information blank out is Wikipedia. The community around this non-profit foundation is very dynamic as a result we might see articles popping up immediately after an event occur or something new is introduced.

Books are considered to be man’s best friend and its more fun reading a  hardcopy than the online articles or soft copies. We tend to keep books with us for long. So what if we can print these online Wikipedia articles and create a book out of it.Yes, we can do that.  PediaPress is an online service which offers customized printed books from wiki content. They are the  official print on demand partner of the Wikimedia foundation that runs Wikipedia.

The cost of printing and ordering online starts from $ 8.90 for up to 100 pages exclusive of shipping charge which will depend on your location.

PediaPress Wikipedia to books

Steps to create pdf and order hardcopy of Wikipedia articles online :

1) Visit the page you want to convert into pdf or have a hardcopy. On the left hand side of the opened Wikipedia page you will see Print/ export drop down and from that select Create a book.

Wikipedia pdf print

2) You will be redirected to Book creator page now. Now click Start book creator button.

Wikipedia book creator

3) Now you will see a Book creator box on top while browsing through different Wikipedia topics or pages. You may add pages to your book as you surf.

Wikipedia book page

The no: of pages added is shown next to Show book link. Once you have added the required no: of pages click Show book link.

Book creator wikipedia

4) Now you will be directed to the Book manager page. From there you can add Title and Subtitle to your book. You can also choose between pdf download or online book order  now.

Wikipedia book manager

5) When you click Preview with PediaPress the book customizing page is shown and you can completely tweak your book. After customizing you can click Add to cart.

PediaPress Wikipedia book customizer

The PediaPress service supports Paypal, Visa/ Master card payments. Choose your country and currency to get the quote.You can provide shipping address and then make payment.

Sample of book printed by PressPedia. Looks similar to the ones we buy from shops.

PressPedia book sample