How to Disable Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

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Windows 8 Metro UI Start

Windows 8 is unique for it’s all new Metro style interface which is popular on their Windows Phone 7 mobile platform. This immersive interface though very intuitive on a touch based device like Tablet it’s quite not useful on a desktop or laptops. It isn’t easy to navigate through Metro UI with a mouse and Windows 8 on desktops fail to impress many, including me. But then mind you this is just a developer preview and lots can change before they roll out RTM. Now if you wish to disable this Metro UI on Windows 8 here is how to do so.

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MetroController, a free tool available out that can disable Metro start screen in Windows 8. There are two options available on Metrocontroller, either you can disable all new features including ribbon explorer, Lock screen and Metro start screen or disable only Metro features. It is better to disable Metro features alone and retain Ribbon explorer as the latter is clean.

Disable Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

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