How to Easily Transfer Tumblr Posts to Self-hosted Blog

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Tumblr to WordPress

Tumblr as a popular micro-blogging service makes the task of blogging easy for newbies. With a clean intuitive interface any starter can quickly get accustomed to it. Tumblr lets you easily share anything from text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos which you can customize to your liking. But the problem arises when they can’t rise up to users expectation and provide round the clock service with 100% uptime. This is very important because unlike olden days many businesses are now counting on these blogging platforms to promote their product or business. For them a long downtime can result in major loss. Last year in December, 2010 Tumblr was down for more than 24 hours which caused panic and loss for many users. This is the time when a self hosted blog can be handy and reliable.

If you want to switch from Tumblr to self-hosted WordPress blog not just because of the reliability issue but due to the lack of features in Tumblr here is how to do so. It is quite obvious that with expertise you may find Tumblr lacking the cool and powerful features which you can find on WordPress platform.

Tumblr2WP is a free blog migration service that lets you generate a WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS) file containing all of your Tumblr posts other important meta data. Now in your WordPress blog using the import function all Tumblr posts and other data can be imported easily. Please note that you will lose unique features like Re-blog button, Bookmarklet, Dashboard etc. that defines Tumblr.

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Steps to export Tumblr posts to WordPress :

1. Head over to and click “Let’s get started” or go down for Tumblr to WordPress Exporter to be visible.

2. Now punch in your Tumblr URL and select to enable or disable various options like content format, Permalinks structure, Post status, Comments and Pingbacks. Hit “Export”.

Tumblr2WP Exporter

3. Download and save the XML file generated to your computer.

Tumblr2WP XML Export

4. Now head over to your WordPress dashboard and click Tools>Import. Import your saved Tumblr XML file content into WordPress using the WordPress Import tool.

WordPress Import Tool

5. Done.

Tumblr posts will now appear along with existing WordPress blog posts depending on the “Post Status” you selected while exporting from Tumblr.

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