How to Enable Old Incompatible Browser Add-ons on Firefox 4

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The latest version of Firefox browser, Firefox 4 is available for public download now. Head over to Firefox 4 download page. Firefox 4 includes cool new features with emphasis on HTML5 capabilities along with features like Sync, hardware acceleration, the new privacy controls, Panorama etc.

The Firefox 4 checks for add-ons compatibility upon loading the browser and will disable incompatible old ones which might have worked with older Firefox 3.6 version. What if Firefox 4 disables some of your favorite add-ons out there. Well, you can force Firefox 4 to run older Firefox 3.6 compatible add-ons by disabling the compatibility check on start. Tweak Firefox 4 “About:config” to add a new boolean value to it.

Firefox 4 Add-ons Compatibility

Steps to run old incompatible add-ons on Firefox 4 :

1. Launch Firefox 4 , and enter “about:config” into the address bar. Then Press “Enter”.

2. Right-click on the windows, and choose “New -> Boolean” from pop-up menu.

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Firefox About Config

4. Enter “extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0” into the preference name box, and click “OK”.

Firefox 4 Extensions Enabled

5. Switch its value to False and click “OK”.

Firefox 4 Compatibility

Try to install or re-enable the incompatible extensions now. Good to go.

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