How to Hack Samsung Galaxy Tab to Make Flash Work With Hulu, CBS

Samsung Galaxy Tab Flash

As Samsung Galaxy Tab the tablet device running Android OS uses a custom flash build it won’t be possible to play videos on websites like Hulu, CBS etc. The flash videos on these sites won’t open and any attempt to play fails. This happens everytime even if you try to install cooked APKs available online for Nexus One. But here is a good news for you. The folks over at XDA forum has posted a work around to make flash running with Hulu videos playing successfully. It involves rooting of your Galaxy Tab using Z4root and then hex editing the flash APK file in Galaxy Tab to make it support flash universally.

Steps to hack Galaxy Tab to make flash work with :

Step 1. Root your Galaxy Tab by using  z4root from the Android Market. If your device is already rooted skip this step.

Step 2. Install Root Explorer from Android Marketplace. It’s a paid app.

Step 3. Now using Root Explorer, move install_adobe_flash.apk from the folder /system/app/ to /sdcard/. Make sure you back it to /sdcard/.

Step 4. Plug in the Galaxy tab and enable USB file sharing.

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Step 5. Copy the apk file from /sdcard/ to your computer and unzip it.

Step 6. Inside the folder /lib/armeabi-v7a/ you will find file. Open file with a  hex editor. Search for the ascii string “AND 10,1,92,8″ (the numbers might be slightly different depending on your Tab’s ROM). Replace that string with “WIN 10,1,102,64″.

Make sure the hex editor is in overwrite mode when you do this. The new string is longer than the old string, but you don’t want to change the file size. Save the file.

Step 7. Now place the hacked version of Flash back onto the Tab by rebuilding install_adobe_flash.apk with your hacked library included. Then you can install your modified flash apk.

Step 8. Now open browser on Galaxy Tab preferably Dolphin HD. Make sure the user agent is set to “Desktop”. You need Flash set to “Always On”, not “On Demand”.

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