How to Quickly Enable DreamScene in Windows 7

windows 7 dreamscene activator

The windows version prior to windows 7 had the DreamScene feature inbuilt to it. Yes, we are talking about the notorious ( ? ) windows vista. For readers wondering what DreamScene is

DreamScene is a feature that allows users to set any video in WMV/MPG format as the desktop wallpaper.

For unknown reasons Microsoft removed this cool feature in windows 7 and added few new other UI enhancements like Aero snap, Aero shake etc. But you can enable it and have the same effect on both windows 7 32 and 64 bit. This nifty tool called Windows 7 DreamScene Activator v 1.1 can do the trick for you.

Steps to enable DreamScene in Windows 7 :

  1. Download and run the tool as administrator.
  2. Click EnableDreamScene. All the  required files and add the necessary registry keys & values are added in background. It will then restart Windows Explorer & DreamScene will be enabled.
  3. Right-Click on any video in WMV/MPG format and select Set as desktop background.

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You will now see the video file set as wallpaper on your screen. Please make sure you have adequate RAM and processor cycles in order for a smoother run without glitch.

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