How to Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2020

Galaxy Tab Screenshot Tool

Unlike Apple’s iDevices, Android phones doesn’t allow taking screenshots from OS quickly. For this you will have to make use of SDK kit available for Windows PC or root your device. This is not practical as the former is a tedious task and latter voids phone warranty. Surprisingly Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android 2.2 Froyo includes screenshot feature embedded in the firmware allowing you to capture what you see on-screen. This is very useful for app developers and bloggers who review apps with screenshots.

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To take screenshots on Galaxy Tab press the back button on the front side of the device and power button towards the right side. Release it quickly one after the other without delay to successfully capture and save the screen as an image to your SD card. You’ll hear a shutter click sound when the images are saved. The images will be stored on external memory in a folder named ‘ScreenCapture’.

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