How to Watch Flash Videos on iPhone

iPhone flash

It’s almost certain that Adobe flash on iPhone OS will remain an everlasting dream. At least that’s what the  latest Apple Vs Adobe feud suggests. That said for users to taste flash videos embedded on webpages no other option is available. You will see the blue cube suggesting no flash juice when you visit a site rich in flash. What other option is there for users desperate  for flash?. Well when Apple don’t have options we will have to think from different perspective for a solution. Yup, technology rules we say.

Cloud Browse is a cloud based browser for iPhone that does the trick. This app remotely starts a session with the  server having Firefox installed on it. Once connection is established through VPN, you are presented with a usual iPhone browser like UI and here its Firefox on cloud. All the features of Firefox can be tapped on from your iPhone which includes flash video streaming. Be it or you can stream all flash videos just as you do on other platforms. Indeed an awesome way to watch all your favorite shows from your iPhone/ iPod touch.

Cloud Browse  plays Youtube flash videos and you can control easily:

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Watch Flash Videos on iPhone

The web version playing flash video from  the Cloud Browse app:

Cloud Browse for iPhone plays flash
iPhone displaying flash video

Download Cloud Browse for iPhone now.

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We found this cool app while researching for our earlier post, Top 5 Free Alternatives to Safari Browser for iPhone . Did you like these posts? Do let us know :)

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