Jailbreak to Enable Retina Display For iPhone Apps On iPad With RetinaPad

Retina Display

With the advent of iPhone 4 Apple Inc. introduced a great new technology to their line of iDevices. The Retina Display technology is here to  enhance the way you read and watch things on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. This technology consists of a 326dpi resolution screen made of very hard aluminosilicate glass which is ultradurable and more scratch resistant than plastic screens. So now Apple packs almost 4 times the no: of pixels they had on earlier screens which is almost 78 per cent of the pixels on an iPad screen. Hence you have a very rich display with better colour balance and brightness. The first generation of iPad didn’t see this technology but it is rumoured that Apple will include Retina Display in the second generation (iPad 2) of iPad’s.

Now all iPhone apps even when it supports HD resolution and intended for iPhone’s Retina Display when loaded on an iPad gets pixelated. This happens even though ipad supports a compatibility mode. Good news for iPad users who have Jailbroken their devices. A new Cydia app called RetinaPad can bridge the gap between iPhone apps and iPad. You need to Jailbreak your iPad first ad then install Cydia app. After installing RetinaPad on iPad you can launch any iPhone app and tap on 2x to get a better display that doesn’t pixelate apps anymore.

You can be happy with this software way of enhancing iPad display till Apple Inc. rolls out a hardware update which is imminent. RetinaPad is available in Cydia Store at $2.99 via BigBoss repository.

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Retina Display iPad

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