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Jaxtr Free SMS

With the advent of free messaging apps like Apple’s iMessage and Whatsapp (cross-platform) we now have figured out a way to save on monthly bills. But the downside is these apps can only be used to send messages to other users with respective apps installed on their smart phones. Well for that matter if you live in India we did cover few apps with which you can send free text messages from iOS and Android phones to any other phones with mere SMS capability. Do read this post for the list of apps. Now what about international text messages or SMS? How on earth can we send free SMS worldwide? Remember Hotmail fame Sabeer Bhatia? Well he is here to disrupt again with JaxtrSMS.

JaxtrSMS, a free app available for major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian and Java lets you send free SMS no matter where the recipient is. Be it US, UK, Japan, India, China, Singapore, Pakistan, Hong Kong or any other country on earth, if there is a telecom network you can reach out to the person there. All these without the need of Jaxtr installed on the other side. JaxtrSMS app send text messages with the help of existing data connection or over WiFi just like Whatsapp but the good thing here is even a basic phone with SMS capability can receive, if not reply. And if the both parties have Jaxtr apps installed you can actually send and receive messages like you do over service provider network.

Once after you install and launch JaxtrSMS app you will be prompted to create an account. After you hit register a SMS will be sent to your phone with an activation link when clicked activates your account. Now from the app interface you can access address book and select your friends number, enter message and hit send. If the receiver doesn’t have JaxtrSMS app installed, messages will appear as a normal SMS in iOS Messages app otherwise it appear as a threaded conversation in Jaxtr app itself.

JaxtrSMS app works over WiFi and existing data connection. Also an app for Windows Phone 7 is in pipeline and can be expected soon.

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JaxtrSMS iPhone App
Jaxtr Free SMS iOS

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