Make Unlimited Free Phone Calls to US and Canada From Around the World

The Google owned VoIP service called Google Voice has been available to residents of US from last year and lately to UK residents too. The calls to mobile phones and landlines from Google Voice are now free within US and Canada. They even integrated the Google Voice service to Gmail letting users call landlines and mobile phones directly from Gmail. Even though accessible to UK users they can only call to an US phone number for free but cannot receive calls. If you are not in US or UK and try to access Google Voice you will be greeted with a message saying that the service is not available for your country. This suggests that unless Google Voice is accessed from an IP based in US or UK you wont be able to use it.

There are many free VPN services available out there that can fetch you an US or UK based IP address. But most of then being Ad based free services are being heavily used and don’t guarantee access round the clock. But the free VPN service Expat Shield from AnchorFree does an exceptional job by providing free VPN that is reliable and easy to use. Once after installing Expat Shield free VPN on your computer you can access Google Voice without any issues. Thus you can call unlimited to your friends mobile phones in US and Canada for free.

Steps to call landline and mobile phones in US for FREE using Google Voice:

1) Download and install Expat Shield VPN. Expat Shield is offered as a free download at the official website.

2) Go to system tray and right-click on the icon placed by Expat Shield software. Click Connect/ON.

Expat Shield VPN Connect

3) Your browser will open a new webpage that displays the Expat Shield VPN connection status. At first the state will be shown as ‘Assigning IP Address’ and then after assigning an IP address to your computer the state will change to ‘Connected’. The page will be redirected to another page displaying ‘Congratulations! Your session is now safe and secure with Expat Shield, world’s only FREE VPN Software’.

Expat Shield Connected

4) Now open Gmail and login to your account. Create a Gmail account if you don’t have one.

5) Check if you have installed Google Voice – Video Plugin for your browser to access input and output devices. Check link here to install the plugin.

6) Now make sure you have set the Gmail display language to ‘English (US)’. Check under Settings> General and hit Save Changes. This is necessary for the Google Voice call feature to appear in Gmail.

Gmail language

7) Now the ‘Call phone’ option will appear in the chat window in your Gmail interface. Hit ‘Call phone’ to open a new window where you can punch in US or Canada landline and mobile phone numbers to call for free.

Google Voice Call Phone

8 ) Enter the required US phone number and click ‘Call’. You will get connected to the user soon.

Google Voice Free

Voila! You can now call all your friends and clients in US and Canada for FREE. Do share this with your friends.

PS: Since you are not configuring your Google Voice account you cannot receive calls and voice mails. All outgoing calls to US and Canada numbers are free.