Measure Objects in Photo Using PhotoRuler For iPhone

Photo Ruler UI

PhotoRuler for iPhone is a free app that can measure the length of  objects in a photo. You can measure objects of length up to 1.5 m and beyond which you will have to buy their premium service. It is helpful when you are on move and would like to know the size of an object which you see virtually. Only thing you need to know is the size of a reference in that photo. You can feed an already stored photo or take one using iPhone camera.

All you have to do after installing this app is follow the below steps,

1) Place a reference against what you want to measure. Make sure you’re right in front of the reference when you take the picture.

2) Select the reference you used from the table. You can add a custom reference with “ + ” button but you have to know its size.

3) Two red lines appear.  Adjust them to the top and bottom edges of the reference. Here great accuracy is needed: zoom dragging your fingers for better results.

4) Now press ok and measure whatever you want. Press “Distance” to see the distance from iPhone’s camera to the reference.

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Photo Ruler for iPhone

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