Midomi- Free Shazam Like Online Music Discovery Service

Midomi upload

Shazam as a music discovery engine is very popular among mobile phone users. In fact it was with the advent of Shazam the music discovery services out there gained much popularity. Though Shazam is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Symbian and Blackberry phones it is a premium service. SoundHound is definitely an alternative for Shazam that is both free and available for all major mobile platforms. But what if you want to discover an interesting music while on your computer then a web-based or an app with internet connection will have to be used.

Midomi is an online web-based music discovery engine services that lets you identify songs for free. Click the search button and sing, hum or play the song you want to discover. Midomi will search the online database for the exact match and then display the song details. Midomi also displays Amazon link from where you can buy that song. After testing with few Hollywood and Bollywood songs i was pretty impressed with Midomi. Very useful if you listen to online radio for a long time.

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